Cancer man broke up with me.. but I am confused. Please help me out

  • Just ignore him. Act as if he is not even there !

  • Thanks for the advice, Taurus7! I will ignore him.. he didn't show up at church tonight. I can do this! 🙂

  • leave him alone now and save yourself great emotional pain in the future. all cancers are weirdos. one still lived at home with his mom (38) the other one left me without a word after 6 months of dating and getting along just fine. the other stared at young girls every chance he got and he is a grown man. gross. actually come to think of it, they all stared at teenagers. and trust me they were well out of their teenage years

  • @harriai1- I dated a cancer man (36) for last eight months and came to know his real persona eventually. He was weird sometimes and speaks very little. He is a Mama's boy. One thing i noticed in your comment about cancer men looking at young girls. Recently i had the same experience on my date with him. He was looking at each new girl coming to the cafe and on the road. I thought cancer man is supposed to be loyal characteristic of this zodiac sign. I found it very disrespectful! I am thinking to forget him.

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