Shuabby - reading request please

  • Hi shuabby,

    I've browsed the forums and have noticed you've been spot on with your readings.

    I would like to request what spirit says regarding love, career, and financial for me.

    DOB: March 12, 1980

    Time of birth: 12:10 AM PHT

    I look forward to your reply.

    Warm regards,


  • Hello MokaQueen,

    In Love I feel that you have a longing for someone that can swept you off your feet and treat you like a Queen that you want to be, I feel that you have had ups and downs and are a bit chewsay now in men. Rightfully so. Are you in a relationship now as I get an open space yet it seems someone steps into it to claim you.

    Career you will want to step into something new this new year and will have encouraging people around you to do so. Feels like singing in a group or band or club it is not clear at this time, but you have a gift and if fine turned it will reward you. I see lots of paperwork around you as if you are buried in it at times. lol This load will let up soon as someone will be brought in to help you, than you will have the time to persue the real you.

    Money will be there and than some is what I'm receiving, also a man will cross your palm with green if you need it to help you in some way either with a move of some kind as I feel you may move residence also, to a bit of a smaller place but it feels warm and cozy and filled with love.

    Great New Beginnings Coming

  • Hi Shuabby!

    Thank you for the reading. I truly appreciate it. In love, yes i do want to be swept off my feet and treated like a queen. I've had lots of ups and downs, mostly downs where i wasn't treated the way i wanted to be treated. My past relationships just didn't work out. I think back then i was just settling for whoever came into my life, but i'm definitely choosy now. As for the person claiming me, in that open space, any initials on that? just wondering. and whoever that may be, is that someone who i'll be with for a long time?

    As for career, should i continue to lean towards my current studies or should i focus and invest my time with my "gift"? And if i focus on my gift, how far will i succeed in it? As for the paperwork load, should i be looking out for a male or female? i'm a little concerned about trusting people who suddenly come into my life to help me. How will i know it's the person you've mentioned? And is that person going to come into my life anytime soon?

    As for the money part, will this come from pursuing my "gift" or the paperwork? or should i be buying lottery? lols xD As for the man who will cross my palm with green, what do you mean by that? and with regards to moving, will i be moving on my own? or moving in with someone? and will this have some consequences with my family?

    Sorry for all the questions Shuaaby. I look forward to your responses.

    Thank you again.

    Warm Regards,


  • MokaQueen,

    You need to understand that a reading is not a life step by step guide telling you what to do when, you must let your deceisions guide you and make room also for believeing in a higher power and angels also to call upon to help you.

    I will answer the question in regards to the empty space being filled: I get the name of Robert , and this relationship will only last if you are ready for it too, as I feel you may get bored easier than most and haven't found your own inner peace. He will be a rather peaceful soul and can take a bit of a challange as he is very centered and knows who he is without a lot of ego.

  • Hi Shuabby!

    First and foremost, I want to apologize for asking so many questions. It's just that I've asked for readings and at this point, I'm not so sure what to believe anymore since I was told something else and it didn't happen. I understand that it's not a step by step guide. I just want my life to finally take the right path. For a long time, things haven't been going well and I feel so lost, hence my need to know of where exactly I should be headed. I do believe in God and the angels that help Him and always hope that whatever goes on in my life are the things He wants me to experience. So, lately, I've just been letting things happen as they happen.

    As for my singing, I've been trying to work on it. Trying to see what style fits me best and practicing the songs I've always been singing. Sometimes I think people are tired of me singing those same songs all the time (>_< ). As for the name, I appreciate you answering that. It gives me hope that someone actually wants to be with me. hehe.

    There is also something i'd like to ask, which i hope you could answer. When you said that i must let my decisions guide me, does that mean that my decisions could change the course of what you see for me or for anyone else? or is our fate already determined no matter what decisions we make?

    Thank you again.

    Warm Regards,


  • Dear MQ.

    A singing voice is something just sent from God, and if your inner core is saying that you need to branch out and sing different songs, than by all means please do so and bless those of us that like to hear nightingales sing.

    Your decisions can change what I see or anyone else see's for you , yes that is true due to your own free will. I like to let people know that a reading is just a road map for your direction and if your free will takes you on a detour, than that is your choice and perhaps fate also as I do believe that fate plays a big part of each of our lives. So much is predetermined and will happen no matter what, and somethimes we are not to know all of the answers in life so that there is room for our own personal growth and learning process, with angels like the wonderful readers on this site to help you along the way. There are so many people at this time that feel lost and a bit of hopelessness to follow, the world is in transition and we are all finding that what we thought was forever is now a question as to what will come. In the meantime we will all grow and learn how to be stronger and more loving with each other as we are all in this together and need to lend on one another and mostly our Father in Heaven to help us thought these oppressive, depressive times we are in, and to know they to will pass in their due time. To be follow by something complety new and exciteing for one and all with a more solid foundation for each and everyone of us.

    Happy Holidays

  • Hi Shuabby,

    Thank you for answering my questions and i truly appreciate yours and the spirits help.

    I don't know if this it's too much to ask, but currently, i'm facing some issues with a

    close family friend regarding the business we're currently in together. This issue

    could possibly lead to legal issues. I really dont know how to approach this problem

    my family and i are having with him. Could you help my family and i with some insight

    on this problem?

    Thank you again and hope your holidays are going well.

    Warm Regards,


  • Dear MokaQueen,

    I feel that the business does need to make some updated changes in the way that finances are handled. What is fair for one must also be fair for the other. Is there a bookkeeper involved as I feel the need for one that is highly recommended.

    The family friend seems to want his fair share is what I'm receiving and will seek legal advice as to accomplish this. A finanal advisor is also recommended here.

    It is coming in as everyone setting at a round table and discussing how the shares will be distributed with the help of legal advice on both sides.

    Have A Good Holiday Season


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