Abandoned 4 times.

  • Hello, my husband abandoned me July 1st 2010, ten days later he comes home, stays with me a week then leaves again. Two weeks later he comes back and stays 4 days, then leaves again, he stays away about a month, then he comes back home again, and stays about 3 weeks, now he's gone again, he had filed for divorce and our divorce court date was October 25th, he waited for that day to come and go, then 2 days after, he left me, he says he has feelings for another but he quit his job and has no money, at least with his girl friend he has a roof over his head and a bed to sleep in, if he had stayed with me, he would run the chance of not being able to pay bills and face eviction, so what do you think of this mess? Thanks Kathy, alone and confused

  • Why are you putting up with this degrading type of treatment? Get as far away from this person as you can unless you like being continually used and dumped. This selfish guy wants his cake and to eat it, too.

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