Love Reading or Any Reading At All Please

  • 05-20-73 Fred, I have been having a hard time in love and need a light shed please.

  • If someone can at least point me in the direction of someone reasonable in price I would appreciate it.

  • Please anyone.

  • Hold tight...there are many readers here on the forums and are on at different times. You can also post your question under the psychic forums. Not all of the readers check the Tarot forum so you can post in both places. :0)

  • OK....I haven't picked up my cards for months except today I did actually pull a couple cards but they didn't seem to feel right so I put them back down. So, that would be why I suggested you post in the other forum. Intuition tells me that I need to lay some cards for you and see what I come up with. I have had cards for years but until recently never posted any readings on line. So, here it goes. I did a simple past, present, future spread for you.

    The past shows the 10 of Cups....a very positive happy card. The family/marriage/partnership card. I believe that it says that in the past you were very happy with Fred. Things were going well.

    The present is the 9 of Sword reversed. This card indicates that there is extreme mental anguish going on. It is time for you to examine your belief systems that no longer apply in your life and are stopping you from moving forward. You are suffering because you refuse to face the cause of your problems. Honesty is called for in order to resolve the situation.

    The future is the 5 of Cups. The card says that your unhappiness is a result of your attitude, which you can change. The is a card of choice which means you can continue to play what ever happened over and over and go no where or you can thing about how things can be better in the future and make the changes that you need to make. You don't have to be miserable. You have a choice and can be happy too.

    I see this was things were definitely good in the past with you and Fred. Now, there is a lot of mental anguish in your relationship with him. You need to face what ever the problems are and not avoid them. You need to look within and look at the situation honestly and take action. You need to get to work and change what needs to be changed. You have a can dwell on the past or look to the future.

    Not sure if this helps or not. I hope that it does.

    Love and blessings...

  • Thank you. I know I have let myself drag out the situation at hand. Its time to put it at rest.

  • Glad it gave you some insight.

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