First and fascinating tarot reading - pls shed light

  • Hi All - I'm new to this site and to tarot. But I did a reading from a website and these cards came up which i thought ere really interesting. I'd be very grateful if anyone could look over my reading

    So I broke up with my boyfriend as he is too young and was long distance and he won't be ready to settle down for a while due to doing a masters soon etc - he's 26 and I am 36. My gut feeling was I should set him free to live his life and then see if we get back together later - he has so much he needs to do - especially the MBA that is crucial to the rest of his life. I am still in love with him and wonder if in a few years time the timing will be right for us to be together again.

    The cards were:

    1: where I stand in the relatoinship - The chariot

    2: what's crossing me/obstacles - Wheel of fortune

    3: Where he stands in the relationship: strength

    4 : whats crossing him/obstacles - King of pentacles

    5: How I think things will be in the future for us - 9 cups

    6: How he thinks our future will be - 2 cuos

    7: How things really are for me - 3 wands

    8 : How things really are for him - knight pentacles

    9: how our energies flow together - the lovers

    10 - outcome if i follow this course - the world

    11 - outcome for him if he follows this course - 4 pentacles

    12 - result as a couple - 9 pentacles

    Your words of wisdom much appreciated


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  • Hi Watergirl - thanks for the comments.

    I was surprised by the cards to be honest as they seemed so telling.

    I guess yes following the course of us breaking up now.

    I saw the wheel of fortune as destiny but as me having no control over it and having to let him go, ie it was his destiny to go. I always had a strange feeling when I was younger that I would have to do a yoko ono to john lennon 'lost weekend' and let my love go and then come back to me (although it was a lost 18 months). Strange.

    Is the 9 of pentacles meaning I should just trust as either way I will be happy. (but I always like to know the outcome!!!!!)

  • Also we are friends and in contact still nearly everyday. We only broke up 3 months ago

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  • yes it is difficult. We are both dating, mainly to distract ourselves from each other. But he has had a sheltered life and I think he needs to spread his wings before settling down. I think and maybe we'll fall in love with others. But if our love is the strongest then it will win out eventually.

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