New family member

  • Hello all,

    Wanted to share our welcome news w/ ya'll.

    About a month or so ago I was riding home on my bike (a 15 mile commute) and on a bay trail here in SF Bay Area in Ca. and heard a kitten crying very adamantly. I stopped and found her in a bunch of thorny weeds off of a trail near a wharf on one side freeway on the other. She was very bashful but obviously not liking being alone and hungry. I rode there every day for about a wk and 1/2 and fed her and smoozed her into letting me pet her and pick her up. Once I did she had such a loud purr I couldn't bare to leave her as she was only about 6-7 wks old. I couldn't find anyone to help me w/ a car and the cat rescue societies are in overwhelm so I just stuck her in my backpack and brought her home. We are all very happy (except my adult siamese is very put out!) but he'll be ok in time. She is now twice the size she was when I 1st found her and is very happy and healthy. Such a joy!! I recently lost my Jyuri orange tip kitty of 17 years and I was devastated. But she is very cuddly also my Siami is more aloof. She was born about the time he died. I was looking for another adult cat but could not make up my mind. Her being in such dire conditions (hawks raccoons coyote etc out there) as soon as I found her I felt responsible for her.I actually lost sleep worrying about her so we are all very grateful Spirit kept her safe. Interestingly enuff about a week before I found her there were other kittens and their mama rescued by the cat rescue network w/ similar description, apparently her mama or the rescuers left her behind. Accidently I'm sure.She's pretty fast when she wants to hide. I had to crawl in the weeds and sit there for an hr or so to get her used to me. She trusted my daughter more at 1st. The innocent are drawn to the innocent.So I'm glad I happened upon her(I don't believe in coincidence ) it all feels very meant to be. So my daughter and I are bursting w/ love and laughs, she is such a character! I don't think there is a surface in this house she has not climbed.

    We have named her Seve (italian for 7)as her tail is crooked in the shape of a 7.

    Just wanted to share our joyous news!

    Cheers Pfree

  • Nice for you, Pfree. 🙂

  • Sweet pfree 😃

    that is so cool.

    Blessings bee Xx

  • What an awesome story....meant to be. :0)

  • Thank you dear ones. She is a delight! She tears up everything plants etc when one is not vigilantly watching. Little shite! Need to get a climber for her. I have stuffing coming outta one of my loveseats already! Can't get a foto as she doesn't sit still long enuff!! Shoulda named her Bullet. I misspelled her name it is Sete not Seve. It fascinates me that such a little creature can bring forth so much love! And laughs. She cuddles up to me and sleeps w/ me just like Jyuri did so we are very content.

    Love to all


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