Broken heart looking for psychic insight if you could be so kind!

  • I was re-reading your posts and saw the thing about his mother - you're not saying he still lives with his mother, are you? It would explain a lot.

  • I am, yes... he just turned 30 and he's still living with his mother. He lost his father back in 2007. I assumed, being that though he and his mother don't ALWAYS get along, he was really staying there to be there for her. We both came to the conclusion that our fathers are kind of the same, where as, both of our fathers are/were (mine is still alive) packrats. Hoarders to an extent - if you may. He said that he is still trying to throw things out of his fathers that are trash. His house is very "lived in" as he puts it. It's sad going in there - there's just a lot of junk and clutter - my room is like that but it seems his entire house is like that. Like she can't let go - I can understand that to an extent. His mother is very sweet to me - she seems to like me a lot. Same with all his friends and his sister. I honestly don't even think half of them know he slowed things to a complete hault.

  • Just as you acquired your father's packrat habits, I feel that your friend has also aquired them from his parents. I'll bet he prefers to have affairs away from home rather than invite anyone to move in to his home and share it. I see this man as always living there even after his mother passes and maybe never getting married or evn having a regular girlfriend because of his way of life that he has grown used to.

  • He was saying that he really wants to move out though, I don't know if I could see that but you could be right. He was actually planning on finding a house in South Philadelphia since he received his bonus at work. That's an interesting view that you've shared though. He did say he doesn't think he would ever get married because he doesn't think he could ever find a woman that could deal with him. I do care for him, he does drink a lil more than I prefer but never at work or anything like that. He works a lot and cares about his job. Anyway, I know I could probably do much better but he's still a good guy and I really fell for just... him. Hard to explain but I just saw him last night, he said hello to me and seemed kinda bashfull. He still makes my heart sing.... He just seems very awkward. Pained almost.

  • I feel as though there's something else behind his reasons for breaking up with me that he won't talk about. Something deep rooted. It makes me sad, I sense a sadness in him lately. Really. Maybe its what you said - he realizes that he just doesn't care to settle or be with anyone? He doesn;t take care of himself as well as he should, being that he has high blood pressure and his drinking worries me sometimes.

  • Sounds like you want to mother him and 'fix' him...but the only person we can fix is ourself.

  • Sure, that's definitely in my nature to do so but I've realized now that yes, I can't fx anyone but myself. That's my main concern at the moment. Still worry about him and think of him. He never leaves my mind. I would like to remain close to him at least. Whatever happens, happens I guess. Thanks for all your insights - its made me think a lot for sure

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