Need help with Taurus male

  • I've been off and on with a Taurus for a year and half. We live in 2 diff states (very far apart). It started off where he called me and text me all day everyday. I was at the end of a marriage when we started talking. He told me in the beginning he thought it was real. I went down to visit him and it was perfect. 2 weeks later, he posts pics of him and another girl but didn't tell me about her. When I questionioned him he said they weren't together nor had they hooked up. I stopped contact with him and when we started talking again, he admitted to me they did hook up but hadn't when I questioned him. He did apologize for hurting me. We don't go longer than a month without talking to each other. In May, I bought a plane ticket to go see him and turned out girls from my town had gone done and again pics were posted of him with them. I refused to go see him after this. He will never tell me how he feels other than he will be single for awhile. He did say we could have an open relationship but we had to discuss other partners prior to it happening. I asked why the change and what he wanted from us he said he wasn't sure and would tell me when he figured it out, but that he does care about me and appreciates the way I am. When it came time to discuss other partners, he refused to talk to me and would ignore me. Recently I went to see him. While there, where I was supposed to stay was 40 min from him. He let me use his truck to go back and forth to see my frend while he was working. He called me like every 2 hours with an excuse to talk to me like he was checking up on me. I cooked him dinner one night while there which he loved and he took me out to dinner. We went to the store before dinner cause I had to get medicine and he refused to let me pay for it. He knows I love him as I have told him, but will not respond to the way he feels about me. This time around I have noticed he's more comfortable about being himself around me. We talked and laughed a lot and spent most of the time laying in bed watching t.v. together. In the mornings before going to work, he would kiss me and ask me what I was gonna do that day and if I need anything to call him. When I would come back in the evenings, he asked what I did that day, kinda grilling me about every place I went. He did tell me his rommate called him the first day I had his truck and said that his truck was missing and he had told his rommate his girl had it. He's never referred to me as his girl before, I was referred to as company. Not sure if that's significant or not. Now that I'm home, we talk but he still won't tell me how he feels. Am I wasting my time? I try to be patient. When we're together, I have no doubt in my mind that he's all about me but when we're apart, it's like he could care less. He's hurt me so many times and I know I've hurt him too. He actually has apologized more now about stuff than he has before, but is still distant. It's like I have to flip a lid in order for him to come around though.

  • What are the birthdates of both people?

  • Mine is 2/11/84 and his is 4/21/87

  • This relationship is more promising for a love affair than marriage or the longterm. It is both physical and sensuous and it also features an interest in current events and social activities. Romantically and sexually, it can blaze like a house on fire, at least for a while. In fact, romance and a dreamlike quality give it a soft warm glow. There is a significant danger however that the two of you will get caught up in seeking a perfect vision of a relationship rather than dealing with the realities of one.

    Your friend is fascinated by your colourful personality and he finds you romantically irresistible, at least at first. For your part, you find his brand of sexuality extremely rich and rewarding. A problem in a long-term relationship here is that your need for attention and affection, Aquarianinlove, is monumental. Since your friend usually has other things to do (being a workaholic), he may find your demands tiring or wearing, particularly after a hard day's work. He likes to be the one in control and will not like demands being put upon him. You may also tend to accuse him of things of which you yourself are guilty. Projection is a key word for this relationship.

    A lot of the time, you are an exciting, bubbly and happy personality, but once your friend sees the haze of unreality behind your positive attitudes, trouble is probably not far off. As a master of reality, he will probably be very judgmental and critical of your optimism, and you may feel like he throws a damper over your enthusiasm. You don't give up your illusions easily. The resulting dark moods, anger and outbursts from your shadow side may fuel the fire even further. Also, you like to do things in your own highly individual and often peculiar way and this will not sit well with your traditional, conventional Taurean man. Thus, marriage or a permanent living situation is usually not meant to be here. Your friend probably just saw the writing on the wall first.

  • thank you so much for the insight!!!

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