To Junemoon from Dmick

  • Hi Junemoon ~ I hope all is well. I saw that you were on here this morning & wanted to say Hi. Hope to hear from you. Take care ~D

  • I'm doing okay, dmick. I had to break up with my Leo was for the best. I know he's really upset about it, but I had been feeling distant for a long time. (The fact that I learned he smoked marajuina and went to a strip club didn't help). He was always pretty nice, but over and over I excused things he did, thinking "That's not a big deal". But it kept adding up, and realized I didn't like him as anything but a friend, if that. So while I'm a little sad it didn't work out--we were really happy for a while--I'm mostly so relieved that it's over. Well, that's what's been on my mind off and on this week. Thanks for saying hi. How have you been?

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