Is this true ? Soul mate reading ? Help please. !

  • I read earlier on someone's post that a reading could be told via details from your natal chart, as a way to find out your soul mate's chart ?

    Please tell me more, I'm interested and would love to know more /have a chart reading to find out mine, if there is anyone out there that would so kindly have the free time and energy !

    My birth day is 27 jan 88.

    If there are more details that you would need, please let me know

    I would be most grateful for any help !! 🙂

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

  • Hey there

    You can't say for certain what their chart is bc for one thing, everyone has alot of soulmates, and you come across them in every lifetime (I guess depending on fate)

    My ex was a soulmate, and it was really really evident from every chart together that we were, but I only got into this after knowing him awhile. I suggest just living life and when you meet somebody new where you feel like you've known them forever, that when you meet for the first time, you 'recognise' them, where you connect on every level and there's this strange feeling of absolute comfort, then try looking at the charts =).

    Some people encounter more soulmates bc they are meant to =), while some people go through life and never encounter one.

    I've encountered two in my life so far, I'm a late 89er. I guess I'm one of the few younger people that have. It depends on your natal chart. My natal chart indicates that I'm governed by destiny and fate, go on to see how your chart looks.

  • I have vertex basically on my descendant, and my pluto conjuncting my destinn in my eighth house among alot of other aspects. Confusing I know lol, I only got into astrology last year.

  • not everyone is destined to experience soul mate encounter in terms of romantic encounter

    your destiny gate in the birth chart is only showing what you are destined to experience

    soul mate is not limited to romantic possibility after all

    means not everyone will meet their soul mate, and even if they do, it doesn't always be romantic

    that said, birth chart shows the cosmos influence, means even if you are destined to experience fateful romantic encounter, it doesn't mean a relationship will happen and it doesn't mean the relationship will last

    that, has a lot to do with you and your soul mate's will

  • Maybe i should have worded it different. I was only using the 'description' that someone else on the forum was talking about, through finding from their natal chart. Oh so confusing LOL

    I was just curious as to how it worked ! But lost the page 😞

    Oh i understand that not all soul mate encounters are necessarily to be romanticised.. 🙂 It doesn't, however, make it any less interesting/worthwhile.

    Thanks anyway, lovelies !

  • there is a discussion about it

    maybe it will clarify things a bit

    I don't do charts anymore, but I'm sure someone else here can do it

    keep bumping this thread or just get a paid reading

    have a good week

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