Cancer + leo??????

  • My boyfriend is a cancer, but everywhere it's saying that we do NOT match. But we get along awesomely. I don't see the problem. But I'm afraid that we might fall apart because of my love astrology report. Any thoughts??????? Please helppp!!!!!

  • Don't waste your precious time on worrying whether you will fall apart because of your astrology's a bit like tempting fate! Concentrate instead on your relationship. Every sign has its own set of qualities and its a matter of acknowledging and learning to accept that person and their quirks for a relationship to work.

  • I agree with rnrchick, astrology is not a perfect science and there are many factors to consider other than your sun sign to know if you are a good match for someone.

  • All signs and charts have strenghts and weaknesses. To know these areas and work with them allowing the light, of a sign and/or chart, to dispell the darkness unifies the karmic work to be done advancing ones personal awareness or strenghtening a personal relationship with significant other.

  • The love of my life, soul mate, all good things in a man is a Moon child, and I have a five planets in Leo---including my SUN 🙂

    We've been married for 44 fun filled years this June---if he smells good, it is good!

  • well my Cap is my best friend, husband and great supporter. nowhere in astrology that says we are compatible but I knew he is the right one for me and we got married anyway. I am a big fan of astrology so yes I was afraid but I was so much in love and still am so I decided to just jump into it. It says that Cap is living a dull life because they are always cautious. Well our life is never dull lol I make sure of that. It's too daring for him sometimes and it scares him a bit, but we are learning to dance the rhythym together and so far we have managed it. I never had this much fun with water signs like Pisces and Cancer, but then again I have never loved anyone of these signs anyway. So basically any relationship I had with them just didn't last and I never cared enough for it to last. That said, sun sign is only a mere factor to determine personality. If you go with birth chart compatibilities, it would be able to explain more.

  • I agree with LeoScorpion to the fullest. I am a Pisces and In truth I rarely seem to match up well with my so-called "magical match-ups" I have had my share of Scorpio, Cancer, and even Capricorn connections that led no where romantically. Me n my Caps are tight as friends but it will never again be a "romance" I gained almost nothing from trying to make things work with my "Soulmates" b/c we were just too much alike so we didn't really complete each other. They weren't bad guys and the sparks and butterflies were fun, but at the end of the day it always felt like something was missing. We didn't inspire much growth and progress in each other.

    However, when I met and made a connection with a Gemini, it was almost as good as love at 1st meeting. According to Astrology that is one of my worst matches as a Pisces but we got together on a whim and I fell helplessly in love. We had our fights and places of discord, but we always put each other's needs first and we were very close. He taught me sooooo much and made me a much stronger person. Even tho It didn't last as long as I would've liked because about 6 months into our relationship he ran into his 1st true his love again. (She is a Taurus btw so it's supposedly another "horrible" match for him) and he realized he never got over her so he had to let me go. It was painful and I was a mess for a few months But I Understand the heart wants what it wants and the quote "If you love him set him free, if he comes back it's meant to be, but if he doesn't then it wasn't" reigns true in all things. I don't regret anything about it, I'd do it again in a heartbeat even if I knew everything that was gonna happen, and as it stands we are still great friends who will always have each other's backs.

    Currently, I am crushing on an Aquarius (Yet another "Bad match" for a Pisces) and IDK if it's ever gonna go anywhere, but rite now I am so happy with the dynamic we share as two friends who are both hardworking fulltime college students that I am not gonna push it. I really feel like he is gonna have a meaningful place in my life when the time is right, and at the very least a strong friendship will ensue. He brings out some of the best in me. We don't agree about many things, and straight up bump heads n miscommunicate sometimes. We have to compromise, thoroughly explain our POVS & meet each other halfway. Yet somehow thru it all he truly makes me feel heard and I truly do my best to hear him. I can see why he is the way that he is and why he does what he does. I respect his desire for space, I respect his desire to focus on him and in return whenever he can afford to respond to my text messages and IMs (Aquas love their technology) he does.

    And as for my Gem ex him and his Taurus GF they are so in love they are engaged! And they are sooooo insanely happy together. They wouldn't be together now tho if they looked at a silly compatibility report 8 years ago and decided to call it quits before it started just cuz their Sun Signs were "incompatible." SO if you like this guy go for it!!! Just be you, be true to your heart, trust your gut, and see where it leads you. It's worth giving it a try cuz you never know -he really could be your soulmate even tho he is a "bad match" and even if It doesn't add up to exactly what your ideal standard is -trust me you will learn so much about yourself and how to relate to others who are very different from you in a meaningful way. The Knowledge and insight you will gain from taking a chance is gonna make it all worthwhile no matter what.

    I wish you the best luvbug 101!!

    ❤ Debbie

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