Please help me...

  • Hi

    I acted stupidlity and caused my ex (now my friend) stop talking to me (I guess so)...

    can you please tell me if it's true?

    He's one of my good friends since I was 16... He's also part of my best memory in my whole life...

    I don't want to lose this friend... can you please tell me how can I save this friendship?

    my DOB: 26 March, 1985 - 10am - TayNinh, Vietnam

    his DOB: 11 November, 1986 - Chau Doc, Vietnam

    Thanks in Advanced

  • You are an Aries - close to Pisces-Aries cusp. Your friend is a Scorpio. Depending on what you actually did - he is likely never to forgive you. It depends entirely on what you did? Did you cause him to be embarrassed in public? Did you cause him to lose money in business or a business deal? Was he embarrassed by something you did? Did you burn down his house? Insult one of his relatives? Spead viscious rumors about him or his business? Kiss him in front of a current girlfriend? Did you tell him a lie about something incredibly important? If any of the above. I can assure you that he will never speak to you again.

  • hi

    When we had a party last 2 years, my bff came on to him and tried to give him a kiss. I were there and stopped them. I know it's not his fault, but I lost control and texted both of them that I were hurt. I didn't do anything to embarrass him in public.

    My text made him mad and he told me that not to try to make thing worse..

    After that, he never talked to me.

    We were broke up for 6 years at that time. He said that he were in love with his ex and didn't want to choose me or his ex. but after that, I found out he cheated while he was dating me.

    I told him that I forgave him and wished him to be happy.

    It is sad to lose him forever like this. If I can do anything to save this friendship, I will do.

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