Insight Wanted from Hans Wolfgang

  • My boyfriend did some work on the doorframe in my bathroom. There were some nails coming loose so he pounded them into the wood tighter. Took some spray paint and sprayed over them because they were rusty-looking. A week or so ago an image jumped-out at me from one of the nails. It's about 3 inches. I knew it was an image of a person and wondered, who is it. I have a shelf right by this door. I have a picture resting on it of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane praying over a large rock and looking up towards the sky. You've probably seen this picture. I then realized that this image on the door frame is the exact same as the picture that is about 12 inches from it. The image just shows His head looking up towards the sky. Exact same face, beard, eyes, nose hair, etc. I thought, there is no question who it is. What exactly do you see. Funny, that weekend at church the Gospel was about the man who wanted to climb the Sycamore tree to see Jesus preach. He was short in stature. Jesus came thru the crowd and told him that He was coming to his house that evening. Anyway, the man was Zechadeus (sp?). Which in Greek he said meant pure. This is a picture (image) that is not going to go "away." Anyway, I pray in the bathroom. The priest mentioned that the Sycamore tree has fruit that has a very hard outer covering and you have to pierce it, I think he said so it would ripen. Anyway, reminded me of my boyfriend--he needs to be pierced so he believes, so to speak. Do you have any thoughts, Hans.


  • Dalia,

    Do you have any thoughts: you are identified with your will power.

    My whole insistence is to learn to be alone, but

    never to get too much attached to your aloneness, so

    you remain capable of being, relating with others.

    Learn to meditate but don't move to the extreme so that

    you become incapable of love. Be silent, peaceful,

    still, but don't get obsessed by it, otherwise you will

    not be able to face the world, the marketplace.

  • Hi Hans, Thank you for your insight. Your analogy (of me) is accurate. How do you see this. You know, I contemplate often on this image. It's hard not to. It's right there. Thank God and thank you for the help and everything you do here. Although, no one has all the answers, we all have gifts.

  • Dalia,

    this is the first step towards wisdom: to know that you don’t know, to know that all knowledge is borrowed, to know that it has not happened to you, it has come from others, that it is not your own insight, your own realization. The moment knowledge is your own realization, it is wisdom.

  • I guess I'm not Dalia anymore, I'm Daliolite (ha, ha). I couldn't get in today. I had to create a new account. Wouldn't take any of the names I suggested. We are given gifts and when we realize the origin of our gifts that is true wisdom and understanding. You have been given a gift. Let's say it's discerning of spirits. Something tells me that you did not receive this from others. Something also tells me that you help others. Thanks. I have more questions because I believe you have a gift. God Bless.

  • Daliolite aka Dalia,

    I have more questions: discern your contacts: which one to withdraw from and which one to get in contact to.

    The sage says: “Only that which now remains, exists.” It is what we are searching for. There cannot be any rest without discovering it because unless we attain to it we will continue to die; death will happen again and again, suffering will continue. Unless we realize the space where whatever can perish has perished, death will be inevitable. After attaining to the beyond, to beyond the ultimate reality, then…the experience of deathlessness.

  • Hi, Yes, I feel like I have attained what I have needed (spiritually.) Also, I feel the "beyond" is seeking me out. I think that is our reality also. That is, what we might consider "beyond" seeks and calls us. Not only does "beyond" seek but we seek each other (true.) Truely, only One exists forever. Anyway, had to read over your passage several times. Had to meditate on it somewhat. Different perspectives but still the same message.

    Can you elaborate on why to discern my contacts or is it my same pattern. You know, my dad told me that my friends would end up getting me in trouble. Still holds true.


  • Daliolite,

    Can you elaborate on why to discern my contacts: because you are overloaded.

    or is it my same pattern: no.

    It would be good, if you do the vipassana meditation.

  • Hi, Can you explain the vipassana meditation.

  • Daliolite,

    the Vipassana meditation was invented by Gautam Buddha.

    The word `vipassana' means

    watching, particularly watching the breath -- as it

    comes out, as it goes in. You simply continue to watch

    it, its movement in and out.

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