Is Your man on the DOWNLOW????

  • This one is to all the ladies out there: first, how strong do you feel your intuition is? How loud can you hear it? When you do (get an intuitive nudge), how much do you trust it? I ask these questions because how many times have you felt the one you love was cheating on you (keyword: felt)? Finally, how many of you have ever been with a man that has cheated on you with another man? Or was on the "downlow". If so, what were the signs your man exhibited while you were with him and he was on the downlow? I just watched an amazing movie that touched on the whole downlow topic and it fascinated me to no end. I'm intrigued by it. Want to know if its real and if it really happens??

  • Hi orchid28 🙂

    what was the movie?? and what do you mean by downlow?? do you mean pulling away??

  • HappyDoc. men who live on the downlow are men who are married or not even married but pretending to be heterosexual but in reality they are having s e x with other men. If questioned they most certainly deny it.

    Orchid28, this is one reason so many women get infected with hiv so thanks for bringing this up. As to my answer to your question, yes, it has happened to me, the guy was bis exual.

  • I was married -we were together ,all in all,for around 6 yrs...had a couple of kids together ....when the youngest was around a year old,I found him checking things out on the web very late one night.....,he ,rather sheepishly, came to bed....I mentioned that I was not sure what to do with what I'd seen him looking at....nor was he! so we discussed it length-kept it to ourselves for about 6 months,as he needed to come to terms with it too. In the mean time, he started seeing guys ( our s** life stopped by then obviously)

    It was hard - but , it's all worked out for the best.

  • Yes I agree w/ Orchid28, I have been with him for 8 years, just didnt want to get married or have any more kids...just follow and trust your intuition; if you sense something is different or abnormal on their behavior or mood swings? I also felt my intuition and my heart and stomach telling me something wasnt right... Then I started doing some research and found many things not clicking. Once, I read book On the Down Low by J.L.King everything made start seeing the signs, how they play mind games with you...Yes I watched movie Downlow Chronicles and yes this type of stuff is out there...its very hard for them to come out of the they rather pretend to be in a monogamous relationship and rather live the double life. I havent comfronted him...not sure how...he gets very upset,threatens, angry, verbally abusive if I say any clues or give him hints of that type of stuff...I am devastated and so dissappointed...

  • Definitely they pretend to be heterosexual and live double life....married o in a monogamous relationship... they come home and sleep with you, not even knowing if they have any STDs or HIV...if you have any symptoms...go get tested and have him tested... I told him I was having sharp pains and diff symptoms...he got scared and went to get tested...we were both Negative thank I just wear protection...if we have S++....

  • Thank you to everyone that has responded.  Also, I am so sorry to hear about all the women that had the misfortunat e of engaging in a relationship with a man that is on the down low.  I do think the down low lifestyle is happening more and more and needs to be curbed if not stopped at all.  Since men won't come out with, can anyone give a top five list of things to look out for.  So far I think someone mentioned behavioural changes and dubious internet surfing.  But are there anymore specific things to look out for?  With me, my guy has taken up to hanging out with the "fellas" way more than i'm comfortable with.  Sure, there is always the chance that he may just be having an affair but something in my stomach is saying there is another man.

    Again, thank you for sharing your stories.  I truly think it will help and save tons of women from heartache and a potentially deadly disease (HIV)AIDS)

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