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  • Hello dear gypsydreams, my names Bee, i have seen some of your posts and was wondering when you are well and rested would be able to do me a reading? this month for me i think will be very important One, and would like some help and advice, so a reading would help me greatly if you could.

    Thanks again for your time

    Blessings and love Bee Xx

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  • Hello bee, that is a beautiful picture btw! 🙂

    This reading is too give you a little insight on the next 4 to 5 weeks. I did a general spread for you .

    This is what the cards shows.

    You are entering a very liberating time from what the cards show here.. you are hungry to learn! Hungry to experience life. You are awake intellectually now and ready to expand on this.

    Money wise there will be a little help from a lady friend or loved one.. There are some issues in the home front however this will all change soon and you will be liberated from the burdens you are carrying. Try to flow with the change it is all for the best.

    There is a celebration coming up regarding a love interest, someone you fancy feels the same way and a relationship might blossom from this connection soon.

    Health wise I see you might be suffering from depression and anxiety.. You think and feel very deeply thus things can get a little too much to handle for you at times. You need to work on how to beat this. The worse is behind you though, so it will get better.. just takes time.

    The work front is kinda in the air at present? I see you contemplating what to do next? Do what you want to do.. don't do what you think you have to do or what anyone else feels you have to do. It's your life, your future.Move towards YOUR goals be damned what anyone says about this, it's YOUR life. 🙂 Put your foot down!

    I also see some issues with your mother or mother figure in future over control issues... she seems to be very controlling... however you seemed be co dependent on her? This is a toxic relationship that needs some healing for both your sakes.

    All in all the most that stands out is romance and some changes in the home front. All positive changes. Also what stand out is the need for you to work on your negative thoughts and beliefs which could turn to stagnant energy which in turn opens the door to depression. Get out there and mingle with your peers, have fun, enjoy your life. Participate in activities that bring you joy, but most importantly do what you want to do.

    Blessings xoxox 🙂

  • Thanks Gypsy dreams, l loved the reading, Your right about everything of course.

    your a very talented reader, i am also trying to learn tarot myself and keep getting different cards that relate to my situation, but find it difficuilt to read for myself, though i am trying all the time.

    Also use angel cards 🙂 Love them.

    I have been depressed for a while and i hope it will start to change soon, there is a celebration coming up, But undecided weather to go to it or not. Its not to far of new years is it? cant believe time has flown so fast. i wonder what type of love interested it is as i am trying to find my identity at the moment, i guess like everyone else is. Though i like exploring. 🙂

    I guess i will have to wait and see.

    Blessings Gypsy dreams, thanks so much for the reading. I Thought you might have needed my birthday, but i guess your more experienced so you dont need them, Very clever.

    Love and light Bee Xx 🙂

  • PS: I am glad you like the picture, hope your week is a good one.

    Bee Xx

  • The love interest is not conventional LOL .. It is a female.

    You know sometimes I do need a DOB and a little background info and sometimes I just connect with the questioner and don't need anything.. it's so strange lol.. I connected with you and the reading just flowed.

    And don't worry I find it near impossible to read for myself also which I find SO frustrating.

    Blessings Bee xoxo 🙂

  • Okay, thanks Gypsy dreams, and yeah i realized the connection was female, i have had trouble with a female relationship but not sure where to go with it really, or what to think about it,

    Lots of complicated reasons, i am glad you're able to connect without birthday's, but yes. my birthday is 2morow lol Counsidence, i think not. hehehe. ill be 19 2morow guess i am a little excited,

    hahaha, i dont normally tell lots of people but somehow today it just likes to slip out.

    but then i guess its just like where's all that time gone, 🙂 I really loved your reading though, it was very good, and made me kinda go like wow. LOL. maybe you underestamate yourself when you read for you??? perhaps you need a techqniue or something, or some cards that feel right for you, and not reading for other people. just a thought really, but i hope your able to get the practise you need to read more for yourself too. it helps.

    Love and light Bee xXx

  • Also can i ask, if it is worth going to this celebration? as i am not too keen on going at the moment, not sure if i want too. or not yet. I guess i was thinking of taking a different direction, but not so sure at the moment.

    Blessings Bee Xx 😃

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  • ~~~~**~~Happy Birthday Bee **~~~~~

    I think if you don't want to go to this thing then don't but you need to start going out more and meeting more people your age. Doing more fun things.. what do you like doing?

  • Thankyou for the happy birthday 😃 i like to write, read and i mainely go on the computer a lot.

    not very socialable though i do try my best. espeacially in colelge.

    i am just trying to figure out my feelings at the moment i guess, i dont know where i stand.

    but i am sure that will have its ways of working out.

    Blessings Bee xX 😃

  • Don't try to figure yourself too much or you might end up more confused LOL.. take it slow and keep the self analyzing simple. I feel you are a free spirit but scared to come out of your shell because basically you are not ready yet. Everything happens in its own time. You are still so young don't burden yourself with too much deep thinking. Blessings and I hope you had a wonderful Birthday 🙂

  • Thanks gypsydreams, i am at college for my birthday till 5oclock, its raning and not very nice weather, but thats okay. i Am trying my best to be happy today. even if it is not very nice day.

    Thanks for the envouragement and advice. Free spirit i like that.

    Blessings and love Bee xx 😃 And thanks so much for your help. i do appreciate it.

  • Gypsy dreams can sense spirit guides? and such it would be interesting if you can.

    it was a thought i had that's all. Hope your feeling much better now and have had a nice rest.

    Love and Blessings Bee Xx

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