Question about "the devil"

  • Hi, I have a question about the devil card, more specifically the one in the stella deck version. I have just recently began working with my own shadow, and it has been a bit confusing so far. So today I logged on and the devil card is the daily tarot card for me. The description of the card refers to that very shadow that I have been attempting to work with and states that the stella deck portrays the formula for harnessing its energies in a positive way, which is precisely what I have been trying to do. So my question is what do the words at the bottom of the card mean "legame passionale stregoneria", a google search came up empty so I thought I'd search for clarity here at the source. Any insight as to what this "formula" may be will be appreciated.

  • This post is deleted!

  • thanks for your insight, that was helpful

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