Confused,rising sign?

  • hiya ive been told that my rising sign is leo by someone ive known for a while but when i look on here its telling me my rising sign is virgo??can anyone please help me?xx

  • jane76

    Before anybody can tell you what your rising sign is , your date of birth, time and place is reqired.

  • jane76,

    your rising sign has been chosen by your exact time of birth (and your place of birth).

    So when you have been told that your rising sign is leo, then probabyl you told a slightly different birth time than you typed in here this time. Because there are two hours for every sign, and virgo follows leo, some minutes earlier can decide, whether your rising sign is leo or virgo.

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  • i was born in stoke on trent on the 12 may 1976 at 1:13 pm

  • Hello Jane and HWG!

    Interesting topic...

    I, too, have gotten different readings re: rising sign. AND even Moon sign...?!

    And, like you, Jane...I gave all birth info, as appears on my birth certificate.

    So, HansWolfgang, you are very accurate regarding these things.

    Jane, may I ask to leap on here with you? Maybe we can both get this cleared up!

    HWG? Is that OK? 🙂

    Anyway, if it is...

    After a look-see at Jane's data and her answers...

    My name is Lisa, and here is my birth data:

    Born 10/30/1955

    5:36 PM

    New Orleans, LA USA

    Well, Jane ~ here's hoping the mysteries are solved!

    Thanks, All. ❤

  • jane76,

    your rising sign is Virgo. But 3° Virgo, so would you have been 15 minutes before, your rising sign would have been Leo. But your rising sign is Virgo. So do not be surprised if others see you as rational and intellectual, it´s just your rising sign.

    It is like you are standing on the window, nearby the

    window, looking outside towards the sky, and rather

    than looking at the sky you become attached to the

    window-frame -- then you will be in trouble.

    Window-frame is not at fault, it is a blessing: it

    makes you available the whole sky beyond it, the

    sunrise, the moon, the trees, the people. But if you

    become attached with the window-frame and you forget

    all about that the window allows you to see, then it is

    your fault.

  • Score,

    your rising sign (14°) AND even Moon sign is.................Taurus.

    I am hoping the mysteries are solved!

    You should ask any questions. Only the stupid person cannot ask any

    question at all. The stupid person has no curiosity,

    has no inquiry. He does not live, he vegetates.

  • jane76,


    would you have been BORN 15 minutes before, your rising sign would still have been Leo.

  • thank u very much for that,its much appreciated xx

  • hiya score of course u can jump on with me no problem at all xx

  • Thank You, dear Jane! 🙂

    Thank You hanswolfgang.....for solving our mysteries!

    Of course ~ it's allways a mystery!

    Thanks again you two,





  • Lisa,

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  • HWG!!!!

    You're tales are reminding me of "The Gospel of Thomas" tales...

    and I'm loving them.

    No wonder I see that folks ask for you time and again!

    Ha! =•]

    Lisa ( who would choose Keith!!!)

  • Score,

    that´s a big compliment for me, because I love the gospel of Thomas. It is the only gospel, I love, it is even the only book of the bible, I love, maybe because it is not in the bible, or maybe that´s why. The Gospel of Thomas has not been included in the New Testament. It was discovered just 1947 – and it is the most important gospel. The four gospels that have been included are nothing compared to it, but it is very rebellious. It seems Thomas has simply reported Jesus without polluting or contaminating his message. That must have been the reason why the gospel has not been included in the authorized version of the New Testament. And those gospels which have been included, they have also been edited. For centuries conferences went on editing them, destroying them, distorting them.


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  • One of my faves:

    "Let he that seeks continue seeking until he finds.

    When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished and rule over the All..." ( ok, maybe not quite word for word!)

    Another one I love is " Do not be concerned from morning until evening, and from evening until morning about what you will wear..." ( again, perhaps not word for word),

    And..." Become as passers-by..."

    So, my dear hanswolfgang! Do you have favorites?

    Happy Thanksgiving ~ Eat, Drink, Be Merry!!!






    Oh, I just what do you think about the "Q" thing?!?!

    Geeez, this is transforming into a New Topic, well, sort of, huh?!! =•]

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