Would Greatly Appreciate a Reading

  • Hello All,

    I hope someone can read my situation. I can't say I've recently ended a relationship, because technically we have only ended the physical part, but I'm confused and upset. It is by no means an ideal situation and not something I would have ever thought I'd get into but I do believe it was "right" as far as soul connections go, and wonder if there is more for us to come. I would so greatly appreciate some insight into what lies ahead for he and I. Thank you in advance. Namaste,


  • I got heaps of Two's in this reading. I don't see him being able to make a choice for a while. Anyone who gets in a relationship with him will have to understand that he is not prepared to change his lifestyle.. He is available for relationships on the side but nothing more as he is not prepared to be "that" guy.

    Sorry for the negative feedback.

  • Well, I don't consider it negative, it is feedback whether I like it or not! lol Thanks very much for your thoughts. I did a reading myself a while ago and thought I saw something changing in March/April/May. Do you think that might be accurate?

    Thanks again fluffyuggs!

  • hmmmm.. I see him around you until mid next year ( The Devil) .after mid year you will decide to completely leave the relationship emotionally and physically. ( 8 Of cups) The environment will be feisty and some what augmentative ( 5 of wands).

    The 6 of coins appeared also which is indicative of the whole love triangle situation.

    So.. March/April/May looks to be pretty much the way it has always been.. him holding all the cards indicated by 6 of coins.

  • Blast! Well now at least I know I can do something about my mindset, prepare, or change things sooner perhaps. I really do appreciate your time with this. I have a super book that I use and the author designed it so you could read for yourself, but I still think my own desires somewhat affect the readings. Thanks again so much. Many blessings to you!

  • Hey you are very welcome. I hope things turn the way you want them. Good luck. 🙂

    PS - When I want a reading on an important matter I usually get someone else to do it for me too. LOL... Like you said, sometimes our own desires affect our readings.

  • Between you and me, things are not gonna turn out the way I want them. I kinda knew that going in. I guess I just have to appreciate the ride and try to let it flow. And thanks for the non-judgment.

  • If it doesn't turn out it means there is someone even better waiting in the wings for you. Btw I saw the pic of your doggy,, what a cutie XD and you are so beautiful, you will have no trouble attracting potential partners. Take care and be strong. 🙂

  • How very kind of you. Thank you! You take care as well. I'm sure we'll bump into each other again soon on here, I'm already addicted.

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