Please help regards yes/no spread.

  • Hi I've just done a three card yes/no spread, the question was will my ex come back...

    These are the cards

    1. Queen of cups

    2. The Emperor

    3. Knight of cups.

    What I was wondering also was if the queen of cups reprsents myself or the Emperor represents him? and of course if it is yes or no! Please help as I'd like to make more sense of tarot!


  • Just to give you a little background, I had 3weeks with him and he had to go away for 6months with his job, he seems to hav moved on as communication between us stopped.

    He is recently back and has not been in touch. I felt right with him, which I have never felt before with anyone else.

  • I think the cards are saying that there is a possibility he will be back but under his terms aka The Emperor and he might be a bit of a player aka Knight Of cups or maybe not a player but someone who is flighty and not ready for a full on commitment.

    The queen of cups is advising you not to get so carried away with your emotions.

    Outcome ..if he does appear back in your life, tread with care.

    Just my opinion though. 🙂

  • sounds about right! thanks fluffyuggs 🙂 xx

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