Does this mean something?Or is it just a weird coincidence?

  • I have been cleaning out a lot of stuff. taking it to charities, selling it and so forth. So a few days back I am going through my computer software CD's. I find a DVD I had put away and never watched. It was from about 8 years ago when I took my daughter to visit my brother in Arizona. THen I took her to see the Anazai ruins and cliff houses and the Grand Canyon. Along the way, I stopped at a place and got to talking with a Havasupai elder about his tribe and how all their knowledge is passed down verbally from generation to generation. When it was time for us to leave he put his hand out towards me and gave me a "blessing" - I guess I thought it was something like that at the time and I wrote down what he said and I must have stuck it in this DVD to keep from losing it. What he said was "There is an eagle that flies over the canyon and the river below. Take care of the river. You will fly with the eagle."

    So at the time I guess I thought it meant something to do with saving the Colorado River and the Ecology of the Grand Canyon and that sort of thing. That was a while back when I had more energy to be involved in some of those things.

    Now - I have a friend who I have know for over a year now who has 2 sons. One is named C__y_n. The younger is named Ri_. (I didn't want the names to get googled)

    I have been wondering if this is a coincidence or if there is more?

    I find it sort of "spooky" . Anyone want to comment?


  • It could be a coincidence. Or it could mean that you will in some way help "C" and that it could be beneficial to be involved in "R's" life in some way. Don't be surprised if your friend asks you for help in some way with his (her?) children. If so, I would say that you should say yes and see where it leads. You said the elder gave you knowledge that was passed down "generation to generation". Perhaps this is your chance to help the next generation (particularly if you don't have any children of your own). This will also likely help you learn lessons of your own from the experience. Good luck, and best wishes!

  • Hmm - I have 2 kids of my own. I did offer some help with the older one once because he was way off track. But my friend never took me up on it. The kid continues to be a problem, while the younger one pretty much does what he is supposed to. Gets his homework done. Doesn't hang out too much with bad kids etc. I have my own two. It was just weird finding this note. Put a chill on the back of my neck. It could be that there will be someway I can help with the younger some point. The other interesting thing is that I live in a sort of a canyon - the name of my road is BLAH BLAH BLAH Canyon RD. AND BLAH BLAH creek runs through my backyard. I have my own real "Canyon and river". Mystic sayings from native american elders, weird kids names, werid coincidences. There's an omen in here somewhere - concerning exactly what - I don't know (ANd I probably own't know until it happens - don't you just hate that - OH -SO THAT's WHAT IT MEANT" feeling - if you could just have read the signs earlier.)

  • Oh, well. Just keep your eyes open...not really much else you can do!

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