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    Hi Justine:

    I appreciate your patience. I have finally gotten to the still place within that I needed to be in order to conduct your reading. You asked: Will your abilities improve in that you understand better?

    Three Card Spread:

    1. IX of Cups (R)

    2. IX of Swords (R)

    3. Knight of Wands

    First of all, I have to admit that I had no idea what abilities you refer to or what you need to understand; but based on the cards I've pulled, and the messages coming to me - I see that you are referring to has to do with your divination and Astrology. I feel you are an individual who typically navigates your life by feeling, and intuition - as well as will power. This natural way of living has always suited you, and brought you emotional fulfillment and success, if not material wealth as well. Currently, your conscious mind - your ego is blocking you from being yourself, and living this way. You do not feel grounded - even though others may typically view you as being somewhat "dreamy" when you yourself feel grounded. Your body language is closed off, you don't want to let something into your life - perhaps you feel threatened (ego). I should tell you at this point, before I began this reading, before I laid out any cards - I got a flash of the letter or shape Z - it was bright neon green with gold. I don't know what it means - but I feel it has significance to your blockage.

    Next, I see that your subconscious mind is where the heart of the matter is - the real issue that is causing your disconnect. You have nightmares, trouble sleeping, and probably aren't recalling what the nightmares are about - or if you can, they make no sense at all. Your ego has buried so regret so deep, that it only resides in the shadows of your mind; and until you forgive yourself and/or make amends - you will not have the gift of understanding or the connection with your abilities until you do this. In case you are unfamiliar with the Tarot, I am using the Rider-Waite deck, and the IX of Swords is an image of a woman in bed, apparently fearful, anxious, or crying in bed. Her hands cover her face (eyes); and on her quilt are Astrological Glyphs. I believe this regret has to do with an aggressive or otherwise painful action you took toward a past lover. In your day-to-day, you have forgiven yourself; but deep inside, you haven't been gentle enough to yourself to forgive you and move forward subconsciously.

    Lastly, I see that this blockage will end within weeks. You are ambitious, determined, and eager to see it through, and to return to your balanced, fulfilled state of being, where from you are connected to your abilities and your understanding comes quickly and clearly. Begin keeping a dream journal, look for patterns and messages from your subconscious. If Z has any significance for you in terms of a person - seek their assistance in the form of making amends, asking advice, contacting, etcetera.

    I hope that this reading has illuminated the issue for you - and most importantly, that it is of use into resolving your dilemma. I would love to know if I am completely off-base, or on point. As your question was so general, I am trusting the message that came to me completely.


    Wild Places

  • 🙂 Thank you so much!

    Z is a major importances to me it is the first letter of my younger sister name. She is my best friend she knows everything about me bc we shared rooms growing up. She is in the Navy but will return soon. I'm very over protective of her yet felt like I as a sister neglected her at certain points in my life.

    My ability, you read is right which is why any medium I use is usually accurate. I do have my own cards but don't read them as often as I use too. I've notice that even in my artwork eerie truths are within it that I always find later. Before I stop doing reading I have done readings for my siblings which surface painful secerts that no one knew, not even her, until later in life were revealed and it hurts me that I wasn't there for my sister as much as she was for me.

    The dreams at a young age I use to have nightmares even reoccurring dreams. It was so overwhelming that I vowed as a child that I told myself that I will never have nightmares ever again. (My siblings and I were aware as children to things that still amaze me) I never did had vivid nightmares my dreams were always pleasant, beautiful sometimes vivid. Very rare if I do have nightmares but lately I've been having dreams that I'm aware of but don't remember at all.

    This reading is beyond what I expected it has made me aware of past things that I have forgotten or good things I didn't want to dwell in bc it wasn't in modern life possible as a child I thought life was already figured out and I must comply with it. As a teen and now I was always drawn to the new age. Now I know there are mysteries even in the spiritual conscious state. Thank you this was very helpful.

  • I am sooo glad to know that this has helped you. I had turned away from the cards and my abilities for a long time to (over a decade) - it took a true desire and actual study for me to reconnect; as well as a spiritual awakening. I have a younger brother for whom I once held myself responsible for painful things that had happened in his life as well. Only through discussing it with him directly when we were both adults - as well as having my own child and seeing how innocent children are - was I able to forgive myself.

    That's really amazing for me to know about the letter Z. I haven't had actual tangible visions before like that yet - so it's been really on my mind.

    I also use art as a medium to channel emotions, and get in touch with my subconscious feelings about life situations, relationships, etc. Perhaps it is the similarities in our styles and life situations that allowed me to read so clearly for you.

    If you would like anymore direction, or another reading - simply post in the Tarot or Psychic forums, "Wild Places, a Reading Please".

    All the best,

    Wild Places

  • I was at a lost of words to see how close you are to me which makes me happy to know that I'm not alone in thoughts and feelings. Not only attracting like minded people in the most unlikely places is very comforting to me. I'm currently reading more into the subconscious and lucid dreaming. I'm starting to remember my dreams I feel myself getting to a deeper dream state. Not only that but things are picking up work is coming in. It's quite odd everything is happening naturally, all with a better state of self awareness.

    Thank you so much 🙂

  • Thank you so much for the gift of your kindness, Justine! You have just warmed my heart on an otherwise chilly morning. I am truly happy to hear that your life is improving and I too, have experienced this:

    "It's quite odd everything is happening naturally, all with a better state of self awareness"

    Once your intuition is reactivated, as well as your connection to the Source and your awareness of Oneness with all - synchronicity can be found round every corner!

    You are soooo very welcome!

    Keep in touch,

    Wild Places

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