Devil,Tower, Death in one reading *please read*

  • Hello, I am a beginner tarot reader. I decided to do the celtic cross spread on my boyfriend of 6 years last night. He asked the question " Am i going to be successful" And was thinking about his new job.

    He got the devil, the tower, and death in the same reading. I am a bit worried, could this mean actual death? I have been reading that getting the tower and death card in the same reading is never good.

    The devil was upright and card number 1.

    The death and tower were reversed.

    Any replies are extremely appreciated. Thank you

  • the devil the tower and the death card can mean he is stressed........

  • I don't think it mean actual death... Could mean that maybe there will be huge changes in his career before he is to reach his goal? Tower and death cards mean change and transformation, in this case the question was about his job.. so no I don't think this means actual death. 🙂

  • I don't want to scare you, but perhaps there is something that will happen that will lead you both to rethink your plans, or more likely his plans about career. To me, it's usually an indicator of an event that will likely require a huge adjustment.

  • It depends on if you read reversed cards or not. I rarely do this anymore. I got tired of it. I just try to keep all my cards upright and shuffle them that way.

    HOWEVER, if you want to read the TOWER and the DEATH card

    The Toer reversed is worse that the Toer upright. The Tower is things falling apart, changing plans, disruption, BUT, if the querent makes the changes and goes with the flow, the changes will be for the best -- If the TOWER is reversed - there are changes to be made and the querent refuses to make them or refuses to see the good that could come of the changes.

    Again - this is all dependent on other cards relative to the card's placement in the deck and does not always refer directly to the querent.

    The Death card upright does not signify physical Death - It means the end of a cycle or the end of and era - perhaps completeion fo college and moving on. The end of doing a certain type of job. - Very often this means a positive change will come about. A person is metamorphosing into something that can better deal with their environment. They have let go of the "old ways" that no longer worked and start new ways,

    Reversed - again - like the revsersed Tower - the querent is putting off making changes that need to be made. There is stagnation. Immobility. The querent may believe that others are blocking him but really what he has to do is get "out of the box" and look in on himself and the situation and try to see where the blockage is actually coming from.

    The way out is to face up to frustration and unhappiness and to be rid of old relationships and "stuff" that is no longer working. Again - this may not be the querent and my refer to another person that come up in the reading.

    You said that the first card was the Devil.

    THis is the card that cover him and represents the situation - immediate concerns of the querent.

    The Devil is related to the pagan horned god. There is something limiting the querent's growth.

    The devil may be telling the querent to re-evaluate his relationship to material goods - his relationship to a sexual partner than may be limiting him - or his relationship to a non-sexual partner ( a boss or parent?) that may likewise be limiting him.

    The Devil represnets bondage to something that we have created for ourselves and that bondage must be broken for us to move forward. There may be obstacles that make you feel like you options are narrowing or somehow are frustrating, but you do have the ability to free yourself from these bonds

    So I would say that your boyfriend either believes that he is bound to something, or that something is holding him back and once he frees himself from these beliefs he will be able to move on. Or, there are really particular people or circumstances holding him back and other events later in the reading suggest that he will only be free of those bonds where he embraces

    the changes that will come about.

    WIthout seeing where those other cards are in the spread or the relationship of the other cards to the spread, that is about all I can tell you. Note that I use several references which generally refer to the Ryder Waite Deck. If I do a reading myself I use either a Ryder Waite Deck or the Aquarian Deck or another deck where the symbolism is similar to the Ryder Waite Deck.

    If I use a Thoth Deck or one of the Marichetti Decks - I still have to use the interpretation of the Ryder Waite and "translate" the different names on the cards to match. I have a small collection of Tarot Decks that I have collected just for the art work but the names do not match the RyderWaite Deck and the Symbolism is different. They mostly require their own books to interpret. I am assuming the cards you are using are the Ryder Waite deck or one with similar symbology.

  • Thanks so much for the replies. I know this seems to be such a silly question, but we feel much better!

    Also, another thing that popped in my mind. How long are the readings supposedly accurate for? Like what is the time frame of the outcome of things to happen?

  • Oh - tarot is hard to determine time for unless you are really good at it. If I ask something I try to ask for a specific time in the questions - like 6 months or a year of for a spefici period of time -Jan 1 to June 1. I am not that good at it. When someone does a reading for me, they give me a time esotmate to their best guessBut timing depends so much on free will and often other people.

    I had tarot readings done where the reader insisted that something particular would happen in November. Last summer, I was playing with my pendulum and the answer was always Novemeber. In september, another tarot reading said maybe November/December but look at January (3 months from the reading) at the end of September my pendulum said No in October,Yes in November but by mid Otcober the answer had changed to No in November with a No in December and a dead standstill in January which I take as possibly the turning point. So now I am guessing that what I am waiting for won't come about until at least January - if ever. I am not going to hold my breath though because there are too many minds involved in the outcome.

  • It was a answer to what you wanted to know about that new job ,the first cards where the devil and then the tower reversed and the dead card also reversed ,well the Devil was first ,so that is the past ,the second card is the present and the third card is the outcome and that means that a whole new life and transformation is gonna accur like a new born man with this new job ,his whole life gets a new dimension ,because these cards are reversed they are the opposite of death and the tower is a sudden change so its not that bad ,no it means that a whole new life will be possible ,he will find his goal in life and the dead card is the end from a difficult time ,and the beginning of something better !Never panic the cards are not here to tell us about the worst things that could happen ,they are there to give advice and insight not to make u afraid its important to learn more about the Tarot and also with a lot of experience you will be able to use your intuition much better then ,good luck and enjoy the Tarot !Love and Blessings. Layla psychic medium and Tarotcard reader about 30 years experience with these wonderfull cards and i started proffesionaly about 3 years ago,trust your first impressions and message's you will receive ,never second guess your own gutfeeling .

  • Hi cyberwicca - can you explain some more about how you did this so concisely without seeing her whole celtic cross. I don't get it. I don't know where in position the tower and death card are. I don't know from her description if they are the crowning, crossing, past, near future or outcome cards or what other cards are in the spread that could influence them. I am guessing you are just used to figuring this out and would love to know how you do this because I always thought you had to look at the whole spread and where the cards were, blah blah blah. Please share. I am dying to know how to do this. thanks!!!

  • Well its not that easy to explain but in the way she talked about the spread i could understand that its not the last card because she did not mention card number 10 the final coutcome because that is the answer but because of the positions and the combinations i could sense,know that it was about this and that ,first of all she said that he asked if he would be sucsesfull well because of the major cards the most negative cards were upside down ,so its the opposite from the other straight up position ,but you can have a look at my page its a mixture of experience,intuition and knowledge and the Tarot can be very powerfull especially the major cards!

    Its the universal subconciouns that is called the akasha chronicle where we get all our information from,every emotion and every event is stocked in that database full of information that is geven to us when we reach for the universe for advice ,its like i have special anteanna's to sense and know things its not clairvoyant but clairknowing and clairfeeling and hearing etc ;like you can read i could keep on talking about one of my biggest passion that became my proffesion to help people find advice ,the truth ,the answers or the insight ,i sense and feel and know a lot and together with the tarot we are a good team but its a very hard study but i have been wriing a english book and a dutch book to learn to work with the Tarot it is a e-book you can find it on my webpage paranormalcorner also on facebook ,that is my page so for anyone who wants to learn more secrets no one tells you because this information is so valuable ,but if i keep it for myself and one day i am not here anymore at least i can leave this information ,its all text at least 111 pages all written by me ,have a look at my webpage or contact me Layla

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