How to get a Scorpian to commit to a relationship

  • I have been talkn to this guy for almost a year. I like him alot and he calls almost everyday. If there were ever a true Scorpian, he is it. Can any one give me some advice?

  • Omg!! I have been wondering the same thing. Your description describes my scorpio man. I have read everything I can find on scorpio men and I would like to know the answer to this question as well. Here's to hoping!!

  • is he from The Carolina's? OMG! That wouldn't be good for either one if it were the same one.

  • You know...I have heard of freakier things happening. I absolutely adore this man. He works all the time. I haven't seen him in 6 months. I do not see anyone else and he says he doesn't either. But, its like trying to crack open a shell to get him to talk about a commitment of any kind. He is a true Scorpio is I ever met one. Its just amazing to me how the horoscope thing can pin point it down to the nitty gritty. I think the more I read about people, birth dates and timing, it just proves to me that each one of us is unique and the pattern of life is not so mysterious. By tyhe way...Why are some men so afraid of a commitment? I think they are from Mars!

  • No, he is not from the Carolina's. We are both in Texas. My scorpio and I work together. I know what you are thinking. But it is okay. We both keep it very professional. When we first met, I did not want a relationship but he kept calling and texting. Then we spent the entire weekend together and I got to know him. I was literally swept off of my feet. Mind you, I was married to a scorpio and I know better. After our amazing weekend, he kept calling and texting so I reciprocated. Then my emotions came into the picture. Then one night at dinner, he told me that he only wanted to be friends. I was devastated. So I backed off. I still see him at work. And he still calls. I have faith that we will be together. He just needs time. We both know how mysterious scorpios are. Good luck with yours. I am praying for you!!

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  • Scorpio's are so difficult and the only advise I can really give is, get out, and don't ever get involved with a Scorpio again.

  • Hi--A scorpio in Texas? That's where the one great unrequited love of my life is--living with one of his thousands of other girlfriends. He dated her in high school and me when he was in his 20's and I was in high school. We haven't seen each other for 40 years. I broke up with him in 1972, in my second semester of college, because he screwed one of my best friends--among God knows how many other women. He was a compulsive sex addict, totally out of control and he cheated on every girl he ever dated seriously. He has 5 planets in Scorpio, plus lots of Sag and Leo in his chart.

    After my long-term marriage to a wonderful but ultimately faithless Gemini broke up in 2004, I tried looking for my Scorpio ex on line and finally tracked him down in New Mexico, living with his wife and daughter. We started a long distance phone and internet relationship, which ultimately went nowhere, as he was only playing with me, because he was bored, I guess. He told me his marriage had been sexless and unloving for a decade and led me to believe that he wanted to get back together with me when he got it together to leave his wife. After 300 pages of passioate, fluffy romantic nonsense and hours of talk and occasional phone sex-(REALLY EMBARRASSING!) he dumped me with a one line e mail and took off to live with his high school girlfriend, who he was doing the exact same thing with. She's basically supporting him-he works a little-freelance stuff--but she's giving him meals, vehicles and a roof over his lying, cheating player ass.

    Who knows--maybe he really loves her and is being totally faithful to her--but I really doubt it. He tried very hard to convince me that he was a changed man-that having his heart broken by his wife and raising his daughter, who he adores, had taught him something about love and responsibility. Again--good luck to his lover, C, in Texas and I hope he doesn't revert to his basic behavior. However, the man is 62 years old and I find it very unlikely that he won't hurt her like he's hurt so many others.

    Good luck, if you love a Scorpio man--and watch out for the old ones wearing cowboy hats.

  • Different strokes for different folks...I'm a Scorp and I, personally, can't imagine how swinging can keep anyone's heart true, but that's maybe just me. I've known a few Scorpio fellas, one dated a friend of mine, and she had problems getting him to commit. If you're serious about a Scorpio--male or female--keep the high dramatics to a minimum (if there's a lot of arguing, yelling, fighting it just makes 'em crazy and even though we may say something different and some of us can be addicted to schizo theatrics, somewhere deep down, we'll start distancing ourselves, making way for the big heave-ho). A lot of Scorps are very emotional, but loathe to show it or share it. If you can have a calming effect on all that turbulence--great. If you can do it and make us laugh--even better. That same Scorp fella who dated my friend ended up leaving her ( an outwardly beautiful girl but she pressured him constantly about marriage and threw big tantrums quite often) for a lesser beauty with a fab personality, and they eventually did marry and my friend was angry about it for years afterwards. Scorps aren't easy to live with, I'll be the first to admit that we're very self-centered, but also very loving and loyal when with the right person. Sex isn't the end-all, be-all, but it is a way that we can express our love and intimacy with our partner. Also plus is a bit of mystery. Don't lay all your cards on the table at once. I'm not saying play psychological games (that's another crazy trigger) cos most Scorps I know have a really deep intuition and even if there's no evidence, if they feel something isn't right, stand back and watch them drive you and themselves totally mental until they eventually dig something out (also guilty as charged). If it's an easy-going life you're looking for, steer clear of a Scorpio. But if you're up for a challenge and can remain calm and have a healthy committment to both yourself (first) and the Scorp by including that person in your life, it could be a great relationship. I could write hours on this on all the parts that make up a Scorpio, but I've already bored you enough! Best of luck!!!

  • Well, I didn't find that boring at all-rather insightful, actually.

    I do believe my lost love isn't evil-I don't think he ever tries to hurt me-but knowing that he was a huge, major romantic event in my life and that I was just a face in a huge, surging mob of women in his-well, that cracking sound you hear is my heart breaking again.

    I'll always be in love with him...

  • Male Scorpios are by far my favorite flavor but beware! They become very emotionally attached. Do not mess with this man's emotions. That sting, OUCH! If you can be honest and stay aware of how sensitive this sexual dynamo really is, you can have a very tender and devoted lover. I am involved with one now and it's very intense, he takes me to places (physically and emotionally) I've never been. They will not tolerate infidelity.

  • Thank you for the prayers. I am sure I will need them. Hope yoyrs turns out as well.

  • You hit us right on the head! I'm a Scorpio woman, you weren't boring at all! I can't get with the swinging thing! I want what's mine and if you know how to treat me right you have nothing to worry about I'm not going anywhere and understand no one else can have me other than that one that is treating me right! As a Scorp, I can say I have tried it, we will try almost anything, but also as a scorpio, I don't like to share! So, I don't see how any scorpio can really enjoy swinging! We may enjoy the art of expressing ourselves but because we love hard when you find that one true love we don't want anyone else to even breathe in their direction let alone think that they are doing something better than you!

    I have found that I have a problem with past partners! They fall in love with me and I feel nothing for them and I've had to move on! If you can stimulate our mind, body and soul you won't have to ask how to make a scorpian commit, we will commit for life as long as you don't put us last on the list then we are gone!

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  • Wow the perfect relationship. I am envious! True lust

  • Lady Scorpion here...

    Married @ 20 yrs, no infedelity. We have had , well, never mind!

    Lisa-:-) !!!!

  • Me again, meant to say " married to a Scorpion man!

    Scorpio lady, again. Lisa

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