Could someone do a reading for me?

  • I am feeling so frustrated and helpless at the same time, I married my husband in mexico and we planned on filing papers for him to come back home. Unfortanately i did not make enough money to be able to sponcer him on my own, the boss that he did work for suffered a stroke while we were in mexico and has to stay in the hospital for a long term stay because of his need of assistance with daily life.

    Since then we got him on a list for a work visa but he was denied because he at one time had gotten caught for dui while he was here in the usa but he told them everything up front and showed his proof of completing his classes and paying all of his fines, yet he was denied and told to try again in a couple of months and to be honest next time as well.

    Now he is on another list for a work visa the appointments are for december or january but i am afraid they will say no again.

    I am trying hard to keep things going and start up a business that will help bring in some income (maybe). I have prayed every day that he will be able to come home. I feel torn between the two countries I travel there for work when i can but it is not often and we talk daily. My son misses him and doesn't understand how come he can not come home with me.

    I would apreciate if some one could give me a reading that would fill in some answer. The question I have is will he come home on this visa or will we still be waiting. I have been having so many weird and unexplainable dreams lately and other things are happening as well. I have been marking it up to the stress. I have worried about my health lately and even went to the doctor with some of my concerns. I am trying really hard but this year just seams to be trying to drain me emotionally and physically. god bless

  • Borra, I feel there is a strong possibility that your husband is going to become frustrated by the delays and may attempt to enter the country illegally. He must not do that as I feel he will be caught (if not at the time then soon afterwards) and arrested and will lose all chance of getting in. He must hold on because I feel things will improve dramatically for you both over the next three months.

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