Could someone please do a reading for me?

  • Hello all,

    Im desperately in need of a reading on the next 3 months in the areas of love and career. I've currently been spending time w/a close guy friend of mine named Reggie. We used to work together and always had an attraction to one another. We started hanging out in September and have become closer. He's told me that he feels like things are right when we're together, but sometimes he's so hard to read. I also still think he has a thing for his ex-gf, although he claims he doesn't. I like him very much and have begun to develop feelings for him. Is he worth the time and effort? I'd also like to know what lies in store for me in terms of my career. I'm slated to graduate from a well-known university next month. My dob is 11/6/87 and my friend Reggie's is 11/24/87. I'd appreciate any help.



  • Happy birthday for tomorrow!

    Wow, you are entering an 11 personal year. You will be highly sensitive and intuitive at this time. 11 is all about illumination and self-awareness.

    2010 and onward for you is a master number period, demanding more from you, but also rewarding you more in return. In principle, it is to revise, adjust and fine-tune the foundations you laid before this time. Unexpected occurrences will prompt you to take resolute action. However, instead of acting hastily, exercise forbearance and assess a situation first, despite the intensity of the vibrations that are upon you now and make you nervous and impatient. Adjusting and fine-tuning may also cover intricacies and disharmonies in partnerships and business structures which will have to be straightened out and resolved by correcting and amending their contractual content. In most cases, this should be the prefered approach to resolving them, provided they are part of the foundational buildings blocks you lay for the future. You are likely to have important dreams, visions, and revelations at this time. You can now develop psychic abilities and receive intuitive information regarding the details and the furthering of your future plans. In this period, channel your intensive energies into something worthwhile - educational and artistic outlets are valuable options. During this time you will experience a strong link to the higher realms of your Self. Depending on your individual perception, you will receive material in the form of thoughts, feelings, visions, or unspecified knowings. These intuitions will initially not always be distinct, explicit and convertible into implantable concepts. You are warned not to act in haste - wait for clarification and supporting information. There is a tendency to handling the increased inflow of information from the astral world negatively in this period; that is getting lost in it and losing touch with the world of manifestation in which daily life has to be lived. Put fail-safe mechanisms in place so that a lack of concentration doesn't have severe consequences. Dreams bring messages from the subconscious, the learning and practising of metaphysical disciplines is timely and can open a window to the world of wisdom learnt by you in earlier times or in a previous life. These intuitions will initially not always be distinct, explicit and convertible into informed concepts so take the time to contemplate their meaning. People in high positions will offer their assistance now. Romance and love can develop deeply and may lead to a lasting bond. Tune into the deeper meaning of life and its intangible values and don't fight for the material side of existence now. Everything you need to sustain in the physical world will be given to you. There are contradictory influences this year. On the one hand, you will feel incited to take life with the attitude of having an easy-going, careless time, then on the other, you will feel urged to find satisfaction in methodically acquired possessions, status and power in the world of matter and money. Be aware of the resulting conflicts and inconsistencies in what you feel you have to do during this time. You will either be able to somehow handle this antagonism or will struggle to keep a direction and render some constructive advancement in fine-tuning and detailing the foundation for the future. If you handle it well, you will benefit from the intuitive information you receive from your higher source; if not, many potentially advantageous relations, contacts, contracts, and cooperative arrangements will end in severance and disunion.

    In November, your thoughts and energy need to be directed to career opportunities, business, work, and security. This is a month to build a foundation, make important connections, keep your nose to the grindstone, and save your money. Expansion will be slow but positive. Try not to feel too restricted. This is an opportunity to consolidate and retrench, as your life will become very active and expansive in the month to follow. Build firm friendships and strive toward balance in family relationships. This is a good time for engagement and marriage, to follow a routine, pay off debts, start a diet, or quit smoking. In other words, you are well advised to get your house in order in terms of relationships, body, mind, and spirit. It is possible that long awaited opportunities will come your way before the end of this month.

    December can be a time of upheaval in your life and it is possible that more than one crisis will unfold for you at this time. But remember that the Chinese alphabet characters for crisis are actually change + opportunity. Not all change needs to bring distress, and it is also just as likely that there may be very pleasant surprises and opportunities in store for you at this time. To reap the benefit of these opportunities, you will need to remain positive and optimistic in your outlook. Read about the Law of Attraction as this, of all times, is a time when it can work very well for you. This is the number of freedom and expansiveness, and it is possible that you will find yourself driven by a desire to break free from your usual routine, delve into unknown areas, and reconstruct your life in a way that feels more authentic to you. This is a time for taking action, expressing yourself (particularly through writing), and finding new people, new places and new situations.

    January 2011 is a month of hard work and effort when you must knuckle down to the task at hand, a time of digging in, a reestablishment of self-control. One step forward and two back may seem to be the case most of the time howver this month. This is an organizational period and you must look at your current and past performance in a very hard light. It is a time to get planning and bring yourself down to earth. Responsibilities will increase, magnifying the effort and hard work needed to maintain a reasonable level of existence. Health and diet should be carefully scrutinized this month, as physical resistance is low and you may become more susceptible to ailments. A tidying up of affairs is now in order, as you must make ready for a very hectic year ahead.

    As to you and your friend, Reggie: this relationship generally puts more emphasis on the way something is done than on what it is that is done - in short, it ranks style over substance. Manners, etiquette, convention and protocol are all necessary issues here. Some would argue that a relationship like this one is false, superficial or based on illusory values, but it is truer to say that it is concerned with style and doing things in an elegant way. Conversations between you two can be so beguiling and seductive that it is difficult to remember afterward what was said. There is certainly an element of game-playing in all this, but it usually doesn't hurt anyone and you two rarely kid yourselves about what is really going on. A love affair or marriage is not especially recommended here. You two have trouble expressing your real feelings and, when you do manage it, open warfare can result. Friendship is a lot more successful, and in fact spouses and lovers in this combination who give up their physical relationship to become friends often experience a marked relief from tension and can eventually enjoy and develop themselves much more productively. As friends, you two are likely to occupy a central position within a group; those around you are likely to rely on you for your strength and dependability.

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