Captain and/or Hanswolfgang;

  • May I have a reading please?

    Birthday is February 19, 1994 if needed

  • What do you want the reading to be about?

  • The direction my life is taking me...

  • Well, there's the direction you DREAM about your life taking and then there is reality where you are not really doing much at all to reach your goals. I don't feel you have really committed yourself to a direction or course of action. You're not sure of which way to go because you don't yet know yourself well enough to know exactly what you want. Further self-awareness and soul-searching is needed. You need patience and perspective to apply your talents and ambitions in a steady, realistic fashion. It's the same with relationships - stop dreaming and start doing! Fantasy is not nearly as satisfying as reality. Once you have a firm idea of who and what you want, you can then see the direction your life must take to achieve them.

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