A desperate need of a reading if you may? :(

  • I need a reading majorly. i want to know if me and my love are going to have anything in the near future. It's been almost 6 months since i last heard from him. the last we spoke was on may 22. & he is a virgo btw. I always texted him but i know sometimes he doesnt text back. that's him. but I am deeply confused because he said if he didn't want nothing to do with me, he'd tell me but he hasn't. so i called him and the person either was him or not , I'm not sure because I haven't spoken to him in a while. But i would ask for him and he told me i had the wrong # that there is no one there with that number , for me to stop calling..??? 😞 I finally wrote a letter on the 27 of october. & I told him everything about how I feel and so on. I am nervous because idk if he will respond and the letter is my last resort. if i had money i'd fly down to where he lives. (NJ TO LA) may anyone help me? Am i worrying for nothing? will we ever see eachother again? will he regret anything in the long run?

    helpful notes: he copies my status on aim.??

    he has trouble expressing his true feelings

    past relationship he was hurt.

  • If the love affair disintegrated before marriage or a longterm commitment could be achieved, it is extremely unlikely that this relationship will ever work out now. It's been six months - move on with your life and forget him.

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