To move on or No to move on.....

  • I am your typical male Cancerian in every sense. I have been in a relationship with an Aquarian female for the past two and a half years. We both knew our relationship would be tested due to the basic compatibility of our twosigns, yet still managed to have a wonderful loving relationship. However, times got tough, and without going into specifics, our relationship ended. No fighting, no broken trust, no distaste for the other persons. It just dissappeared. Suddenly and without words. I have worked past my grief and knowing my wonderful little Aquarian assumed that she had decided she was done, and that she was not going to come back. There is nothing to saythat she will come back, but she keeps starting minute conversations with me about basic day to day life. They are becoming more and more frequent in nature but always ends with me saying the last word. I have heard that when an Aquarian woman moves on, she does so with a conviction that is unrivaled in the other signs, and therefore have not prodded her with my Cancerian desire to lay emotions on the table and express my undying love. Its just that her constant re-connecting makes me feel there is still something there. What do I do? Do I throw out my cancerian nature and accept that this is just her being my friend, or do I follow that internal feeling and continue in hoping that if I let her adventure into the world as she wants to, she will gladly come into my world again?

  • have you told her lately in the last two months about your feelings?? put the cards on the table?

    remember with Venus retrograde and getting out really really I believe until Nov 18, romantic matters are a little shaky.... so most people are finding themselves and figuring out what they want...

    I've been waiting/ with those re-connecting moments once a month for the last two years and it has not been easy... sometimes I question my decision to figure this out... I need more clarity and stability in my life regardless of him so until I feel stable in my own life I'll keep the door open for him.... just in case my confusion is also creating his own confusion...

    what does your heart/ inner voice/ intuition tells you??

  • Agree. Your two choices seem limited to either assuming that she has moved on or continuing to wonder if there is a chance at reuniting. Why not just ask her straight out what she wants the relationship to be - to clear up all confusion and doubt?

  • I’m an Aquarian female with a Cancer male. Contrary or complimentary to the belief that Aquarians are freedom oriented, we are also a fixed sign, so if we come across something or someone we connect with we don’t let go that easily. It is true however that when it’s done it’s done and there is no looking back. Any parting of the ways is always amicable, but there has only been 2 occasions where I reconnected with old bf’s; 1 was my first but I had no desire to get back together, he was my confidant and we talked about everything even our current relationships. The 2nd is my Cancer who asked me point blank and then we moved forward from there. You were together over 2 years, I think you have a pretty good read on her, but just ask her because it will save you both from having to dance around the issue.

  • Hey PassionateCancerGuy,

    I am in agreement, definitely ask her. And let that passion flow! Just make sure she doesn't feel "confronted." Also, make it a neutral place, somewhere that gives you some privacy; like a park versus a restaurant.

    I think it's one of two things. The fact that she has been communicating, that is. One could be that she is interested in renewing your relationship in a romantic way, but is a bit ambivalent The other is that she simply is getting more comfortable with your platonic relationship.

    You guys were together for a long time, so you deserve to know. And I know it's not an easy thing to do, putting yourself out there like that. But, continuing to be hopeful doesn't give you the room you need to move on, if that is what the case here is.

    Definitely do not hide your own nature. Control it maybe, reign it in a bit, but "pretending" to be someone you are not will not work well in the end. As a scorpio I sometimes reign in my intensity for example. But, when you break it down, I am a passionate and yes, sometimes intense person.

    I hope this helps, feel free to reply, I'll check back. Best wishes!!

    p.s. There are a lot of women here that could really benefit from your wisdom here. Under the heading : Love and Relationships there is a thread marked : "After reading all these Cancer posts should steer clear of them?" (sic) There are many wounded girls, the posts are a little rough. I think if you have the time to read through them and give some insight, it would be so appreciated!! Biz, S

  • Thank you very much everyone! You have helped me out a lot. I know what I need to do, its "how" I do it that Im fearful of. My heart, intuition, and understanding of her tell me that we both need to do things for ourselves right now and maybe, just maybe it wil work out later. It might not as well. It is just so difficult for me to hold back the desire to unleash upon her how much I love and miss her. Especially, when she pops by and says hello every two days. She knows how I feel, I have expressed it before. I have too much passion for a strictly platonic relationship, and my ego will not allow me to discuss other relationships with her. I know she knows this. I told her I would be "waiting at the bus stop", metaphorically speaking, and meanwhile my main concern is becoming the best man I can be so that if a re-uniting of souls does occur, I will be ready. Thank you all again.

  • Maybe she is waiting to see that passion being unleashed? You have to be totally honest here - don't hold back that passion you feel - so that there can be no mistake. If you act fearfully now and don't express what you really feel, then you will always wonder if there was perhaps not some misunderstanding between you that honesty could have cleared up. You should never EVER assume you know what the other person is thinking or feeling, even if you have a close connection, because your own feelings can fuzz your intuition.

  • Hi PassionateCancerGuy

    I think if she checks with you every two days... that's very often... I think she wants something from you... I mean it were different if it were every two months at least both of you can focus in whatever it is you need to work on... are you afraid of commitment? it's ok to have a relationship with both people being free enough to work on their own issues as well. It's just a matter of communication.

    Good Luck 🙂

  • everyone...this is so beautifully heartfelt...cancer man, I wish my cancer man would come back to me and not hold back any of his emotions, then I could trust him and be free to be me and love him with all of my heart body mind and soul....

    tell her how you feel, it may take a day or 2 fro her to respond with the words you want to hear, but you will never know til you take the chance an open your heart, speak from your pure, honest heart. I realize how fearful of rejection a cancer man can be, but I assure you, if she loves you she will take hold of you like you can never have imagined and only had dreamt of til now.

    Please take the chance. tell her, ask her, show her, lvoe her.

  • love her

  • Once again, I thank you all for your kind words, and your words of wisdom. I am a lost soul right now. I have always had pride in my passion, and for the first time in my life, I have felt fear. I know that Aquarians are turned away by extremely heavy emotions, and therefore, I have done my best to keep them at bay. I am not afraid of commitment, I will give everything I have to find love. What I am afraid of, and as Im sure you all have seen on this website, is that I am a Cancer, and we are difficult to deal with, even to ourselves. I will show her my passion, I just hope I have enough time to do it correctly. My nature is to run away, pull a houdini and dissappear. However, something inside me, wont let me run from her, and I acknowledge that. Chances are that I will get hurt, but I believe in what you all have said...if I dont put it out will I know? Thank you all once again. I appreciate all that you have said.

  • Unless you can be your true natural self with someone, it's not real love. Real love is accepting and unconditional.

  • I'm an aquarian female. I believe you should point blank ask her. Don't do it in an emotional or confrontational way. She will respect that you want answers and are upfront. If she's in contact with you every two days, then she's not done. There's still something there. Don't press her if she doesn't give you the answers you want as she may not know yet.

  • passionate cancer guy, why do cancer men want to runaway and disappear? are you afraid or do you like the drama or is it for attention, or do you want us to follow? or do you need space? why would you want to runaway and disappear? this is what my guy has done to me....

  • The Captain, you said it best.

  • Kmuse...honestly I dont know. I have thought long and hard about it, and Im not sure. It is definitely fear, it is uncertainty. Also, I feel that Cancers arent the only ones that do this. It happened to me by an Aquarius. Sometimes we have to let go of the things that are horoscopical and realize that some people just dont know how to open up and say what they truly mean. We beat around the bush, and we run away, but regardless of the sign, if a man is not accepting the fact that you adore him, and wont reciprocate it, then there is another man out there that will. My Aquarian love ran and I ve had to come and accept that. I am a good man, Cancer or no. I give my love and if she doesnt want it, I cant force her to, or trick her into it. Like Captain said, if they want you, they want you. You seem like a very passionate and loving person KMuse, why not find someone to make you feel the way you feel about them?

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