Scorpio 2010: Embrace the Unknown & Expect Miracles

  • Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.

    Only through experience of trial and suffering

    can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared,

    ambition inspired, and success achieved.

    • Helen Keller -

    SCORPIO time reminds us to ... "be ever-mindful of the cues the Universe is giving you."

    Now that we are entering Scorpio time, in addition to several very rare planetary alignments, more than ever we are being called to believe in that which we cannot see. The "cues from the Universe" are increasing with the current Scorpio energy of karma and creation.

    If you tune in, which is simply the act of being still and quiet, you will receive guidance you may not have ever realized was available to you. This is the time of year when the veil is thinnest between the visible and invisible worlds. The Scorpio/Taurus polarity is the personification of this principle. All seeds germinate in the darkness - under the surface (Scorpio) before they break through that real or perceived top layer of "soil" to manifest and blossom in the physical realm (Taurus) of your current reality. This is the time of year when you have ready access to ancestral (and astral) help. I have said for some time now, that due to the unprecedented planetary shifts, we can no longer rely on "human help" as we may like to, or have historically done. Invisible help is much more readily available and even more effective. This month, call on your angels, ancestors and guides as they are waiting only for your invitation. They cannot help if you do not ask or invite their assistance.

    You will encounter more endings this month as your Path is cleared for the new energy to more fully exist in your daily reality. (Your old reality cannot support nor sustain this powerful new energy coming in.)

    You may notice things that used to work, no longer work for you

    You may notice people leaving your Path (for a myriad of reasons) who may or may not ever return

    You may notice you are being forced to face and actually deal with some very dark, repressed parts of your Soul

    You may notice your new Path solidifying as the old Path dissolves behind you

    You may notice initial fear, which will force you to surrender to the process (which is unfolding whether you think you are ready or not)

    You will find that if you do NOT surrender, your Path will be that much more challenging and dark. Do not for one moment allow this blanket of darkness hold you hostage, that is not the point of this energy. The point of this energy is to allow the natural process of creation to occur. You can plant the seeds, you can nurture the seeds, but you cannot force or hasten them to grow. Everything develops in due course (and in Divine Time and Order). But always remember that if you do not plant the seeds and if you do not nurture them, then you can GUARANTEE they will not grow. So on faith, you must do your part in the co-creation of this reality, you must be consistent, patient and above all you must plant these seeds with an unwavering KNOWING that they will explode in to reality one day very soon.

    This is the time of year you are reminded of your innate power to create your life, on every level. Your thoughts, words, and deeds will manifest with lightning speed and it is your CHOICE whether to surrender to the darkness or to the Light. In every moment, we choose how we are going to respond to whatever person, energy or circumstance is before us. It requires a tremendous amount of personal responsibility to face both the blessings and the challenges of your chosen path. And that is what time it is - time to inhale back your own authority to make decisions for your own life; to assume total responsibility for the choices you have made thus far; to own the responsibility of shifting your personal direction (if need be); as well as assuming total responsibility for faithfully staying the course which resonates most deeply within YOUR Soul.

    So often we humans are gifted at holding on to all the negative people and circumstances. This is an opportunity for you to acknowledge ALL THE BLESSINGS you have attracted, manifested and created from your positive thoughts, words and deeds. It is a powerful affirmation to recognize and honor that goal which you set some time ago and now are clearly amidst its manifestation. YOU DID THAT!! You brought it in to existence. That is a powerful gift you can give your Self that will create more momentum than you can imagine for further creating all that you need, desire and deserve. So as you are "clearing karmic debris" in order to plant more seeds of wonder, recognize the little blossoms which you have carefully cultivated and brought in to being. Honor the blessings you have attracted in to your life and environment, for they are many. And putting your thoughts on these blessings, focusing with powerful feeling & intention, will attract even more to come in to focus for you, broadening your vision.

    This Scorpio time, more than any recent year, is about taking that GIANT STEP FORWARD ... in to the unknown! We are wrapping up another Venus Cycle, 2004 & 2012, a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone (it only happens every 140+ years), redefining our values and resources individually, socially and collectively. We are on the back-side of this cycle, where do you want to end up come 2012? You are the one who determines what the next leg of this journey is going to be like for yourself. This is your "clean slate" - your chance to really co-create your reality anew. Just do the work - seeds germinate in the darkness and sometimes you cannot actually, physically see the growth (and progress) but that does not mean it is not happening. You must still tend to your creation faithfully and when it does begin to sprout, nurture it to full development. It is your responsibility to nurture and protect what you create. Everyone is at different stages of this ... some of us are still gathering compost - really digging deep and clearing karmic debris; some of us have cleared our karmic debris and have started building; and yet others are directing their energy to sustain what they've created and which is thriving.

    How much have you already cleared?

    How much have you already created?

    What is the next step in your current evolution?

    This year, Venus (values/priorities) is Retrograding through Scorpio/Libra, indicating that we all need to review how we direct our power within relationships, what our motivations are for relating with others and what we are willing to commit to. The last time Venus Retrograded through Scorpio was 2002, which is worth reflecting on what transformations occurred since then, as well as any gifts suppressed since then. This month, we have a chance to plant the seeds of our heart's desire, especially with both Mars and Venus together throughout Libra and Scorpio, recalibrating Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine within and around us. This suggests to me that before we can truly CREATE (Scorpio) the relationships we deserve and express the truth of who we are, we need a review of what's most vital and important (Venus). Once you get things organized in your own mind and heart: who you are, what you have to offer, your own self-worth, your authentic voice ~ only then, can you create (Scorpio) and/or attract in (Venus) the passionate, reciprocal and balanced interactions you need, desire and deserve, both personally and professionally.

    Remember that everything and everyone in your life is a reflection of you and you attracted it in, for better or worse. Do not focus on the negative, as much as acknowledge where you were not clear in your intention so you did not attract what you wanted. And yes, adjust accordingly, but focus primarily on the positive things, people and events you have attracted in for they will fortify you to deal with the rest. As humans, we are prone to holding on to and remembering the negative (pain is a heckuva motivator) but the truth is if you are not using that information to IMPROVE on your circumstance, then it is simply a distraction delaying truth and your good. It’s a new day, and it is time for you to connect to all the strength you can muster, all the good you are capable of, all the truth you can handle (and even some you don’t think you can), all the courage you possess and all the wisdom you have acquired thus far to navigate these choppy waters. You can do it, but you have to "be ever-mindful of the cues the Universe is giving you".

    by: Kelly M Beard

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