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  • Hi Shuabby, please forgive me if you are just not up for the reading lately. I posted to you a while back and wasn't sure you got it. If you did not, please see below. Either way I just wanted to update you on the job situation. I received a rejection letter from the phone job and haven't heard anything from the "running the department" job. 😞 So sad! I am not sure if I should still be hoping for them to call or if it is too late at this point. I did do a follow up call but was only able to leave a voicemail. I was pretty sure I had that one and I have to say i am so shocked. Oh well, I just wanted to update you and tell you that I really appreciate the readings....

    I can not figure out this "bump" thing as someone has posted on one of my other threads that received no feedback. So, just in case you did not get my other request, I am posting it below. And as I said, if you did and just have not found time, please forgive me. Thanks again.


    I was in a relationship for about four years with my current boyfriend. We broke up at my request a bit over a year ago for about a year due to both of our faults.

    We have recently come back together and I would like any insight as to whether this will continue to go well and to know if the problems we did have will stay a thing of the past. I know there will be future problems as with all unions but I would like to know that we have truly overcome the past problems between the both of us.

    We have been back living together for a few months now. Any insight would be appreciated.

    If needed his birthday is 03-04-1980 Mine 10-10-1980.... His initials TDS Mine ALZ

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  • Dear Searchashes,

    Don't fret over what you did not receive jobwise, as I believe I stated in your reading that the job running the dept , there was a money issue for them in regards to hiring you. You will receive work and it feels like through a temporary agency in your area. Feels close to you. You will receive a position through the agency. I hear the name of Claire around a work area.

    Now onward to love. Amor Amor is what I'm being told. Second chances do prove to be enchanting and some just simply are earned and rewarded. In your case with TDS you will be rewarded for the lessons you both have learned and will continue to earn in this relationship. He is a bit of the dreamer and you are real. Therefore you compliment each other and ground yet allow for some fantasy which can be fun. I feel a wonderful Christmas spirit with you both and very loving mood that will make wonderful pictures and memories for this Holiday season.

  • hi there sorry for posting here......shuabby i like your readings, can u read for me?? will i post somewere else?

  • Shuabby, Thank you so much. I really appreciate the reply. I will be calling temp agencies and relaxing a bit more about TDS. 😄 Lol! Thanks, again. Hope you have a great holiday season as well.

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