Crystal divination. Your thoughts and experiences.

  • Hello Verdana,

    It sounds like what you are trying to establish is very similar to what me and a few friends are trying to put together over at my 'neck o' the woods'. I am Canadian and live in Calgary, Canada. But up until last year I was living in Columbus, Oh for 11 years.

    I am involvled with a Spiritual Society Church where all forms of mediums, psychics, and Reiki masters /practitioners get together to share our spirituality. We all believe in God's love and power but don't get any religion preached at us.

    My weekly meditation/ development circle does cost $30 per month but that is a private group which we have chose to join. The money is used to keep the actual church operating. They do have weekly Sunday services as well that are free (of course donations are appreciated) which I occassionally attend as well.

    Through this church we are able to learn/ develop and share our spirituality and unique spiritual talents. I find it quite wonderful to be part of.

    I do also welcome the opportunity for us to share our thoughs and knowledge online on this forum. By all means keep it coming. I quite enjoy it.

  • ...we also treat God, and Spirit, or the Divine Source, or whatever name we choose to give it as the same. There is no real pretense of a particular religion at this church.

  • Hi everyone,

    that sounds like a great place to be DreamerNorth.

    I'm British and have always lived here quite near to Manchester in the North West of England.

    There are several spiritual movements which are in full flow, one is a world wide renowned one, Spiritualists National Union which promotes the philosophies as part of spiritualism.

    I love the philosophy but unfortunately the religion leaves me cold. Many of the church organizers are out of touch with todays society and the speed with which the new psychics/mediums learn and grow. This in turn holds them back spiritually.

    Then there's Christian Spiritualist which is more about God and Jesus but they also welcome people who read tarot and other cards as well as crystals and runes etc...

    The snu doesn't hold with it because they believe we don't need tools when we have spirit.

    Another is the Greater World which is somewhere in between the other two.

    I think all groups need some kind of leadership but to find a leader who is prepared to and wants to teach the others how to be the best they can be in any particular field is the most difficult. That's my intention though.

    Lovely to read your comments and views too.

    Great conversation from across the pond.

    Verdana 🙂

  • Verdana I think that's why smaller groups are more effective. I too agree if you have a large church you need a leader but it would have to be a special person so wouldn't try to run it like you would the other churches. Its yes a learning about abilities and how to open and refine. I think if it was done like a school type of environment and you could go from class to class that might be more helpful. Like don't laugh Harry Potter's school. Classes on each subject matter. To train. but here again. We all may do things differently but the out come my be the same. That might pose a problem.

  • It is true, every organization or group needs leadership. But once you get leadership, it's only human nature to try and steer that group into a path that you feel is best. That leads to personal gratification from it as you get a pride of something that 'you' are steering and growing. It also leads to others wanting to influence that growth and before you know it, you have all sorts of political infighting, power struggles, bruised egos, and growing dissention. As is often the case, it's the persons in charge of leadership that first lose sight of what they are trying to accomplish in the first place. Unfortunately, this is just human nature. From what I understand, this goes on with the more senior or founding members of the spiritual church that I'm involved with as well. Those of us not involved with the church's operations don't want to concern ourselves with the political power structures of the church, we just want to share our spirituality and develop our understanding, enlightenment, and various talents.

    As far as what Verdana says about the SNU. I personally agree that you don't 'need' tools such as runes or tarot if you have learned how to directly communicate with spirit or energy (as I view it). However, I believe that these 'tools' are a medium that can help you to communicate with spirit or energy. Ideally I am seeking to communicate more directly with my own spirit energy, and as I develop that talent, then I will probably use my tarot less and less because I won't really need it. But until then, the tarot is a great aid to me when attempting to bridge the gap to divinity and to communicate with spirit or spirit energy.

  • Dreamer I too believe you can do these things without tools. I was giving messages long before I ever heard of the tools people use. But I think that sometimes the tools are more for the one your giving messages to. I was told to use the cards as a helper and then I wouldn't need them. But I have had the cards for 5 or 6 years and never used them until yesterday. I tried them but I used Sacred Path and Medicine. And I asked the question someone wanted to know the answer to and I did the best that I know how right now. She seemed to understand what I told her but then I elaborated on it from how I felt. And I think that did more good than what the cards said. Today while meditating it came to me that my message from me was what she needed not what she was asking the cards. So I put the cards back in my room on the shelf.

  • It seems we are all in agreement here on all counts.

    I've experienced the ego trips within church organizations and other learning establishments, and actually served on a committe for a while which was superb experience but a position which i felt segregated me from the people. A simple case of too many chores to join in the discussion and activities. Ideally, the ones running the churches etc... should perhaps be the ones who love what the building represents but not particularly inclined towards honing their psychic skills or wanting to run the classes. It's all about having a good balance and delegating the right people to the right place across the board without the need to force someone to be where they aren't happy.

    No-one can do all of that alone, so while i'm searching for premises i'm also on the search for people willing to help in a number of ways. A kind of place run by the people for the people.

    I am an idealist but have sufficient experience of the realities to know it can be done.

    I realize that i can't be everywhere and so will need others to join as part of a team who have similar aims and with a varied degree of knowledge.

    My aim is to first find a building to rent which is not my responsibility to maintain which will reduce that pressure and allow us to do what we are there to do.

    I haven't honed my ability with the use of tools either but was guided to study some of them and by doing that, when i am given the symbolic imagery of say ''the joker''. I know that what the joker of a pack represents is part of the message, as well as the obvious meaning of a character being a ''real card'' or a practical joker in life. One who doesn't take life too seriously and enjoys it to the full but still has empathy and understanding for others etc.....

    As you say, the tools can be a great aid or prop on the way to heightened awareness of working directly with spirit. Even those who use these aids sometimes get the wrong message from them and some assistance to see beyond and below the surface meaning in the written interpretation can be invaluable both to the one learning how to read them and the sitter.

    Where the learner has the opportunity to sit with others in a group with the same interest, they can practice on each other and discuss the results.

    I can see both LibrasLair and DreamerNorth will understand what i write here and hopefully someone else might gain something useful from our discussions too.

    Verdana 🙂

  • Good morning Verdana. I agree with you on how difficult your task will be. It almost sounds like a visious circle to try to do this. Is there any other way do get a small group going without having to rent a building? If you could take the overhead out of the equation that could free up part of your mission. A room large enough to serve your purpose. And leave the time for studies? Does anyone you are working with have such a place that can be volunteered? A basement maybe. Have a secretary, a treasurer and keep it to barebones. Say use a tape recorder or camera to record the times you together. So everyone has time to partisipate. Everyone brings their own chair, drink and something to snack on if you together for a long time. You may need to rent the equipment in order to record or hire someone for that. That way everyone could be present for contributing and learning.

  • Hi LibrasLair,

    i think i've found the ideal building. All i need now is to meet with the owner to find the nights it is available.

    Do you know what open circles are?

    I have a small development group already at home which is doing well and each of us learns something about ourselves every time, including me. 🙂

    The open circle is a place where everyone is welcome. Not only those who are learning but those who are interested in the psychic and the spiritual as well as the experienced mediums.

    Open circles are where the mediums get the opportunity to practice their gift in a place where more experienced mediums can assist both the giver of a message and the receiver of a message if it isn't being acknowledged or understood.

    It really is a great way to learn and because everyone has a mutual interest in the proceedings, the energy generated is fantastic and very healing.

    Sorry, i don't wish to insult your intelligence. I just don't know if you are aware of what an "open" circle is for. Sadly my home isn't big enough for the number of people in this area who i know love to visit open circles rather than go to church services.

    I suppose that's the difference between those who know the difference between being spiritual and knowing they can lead a spiritual life in the comfort of the religion or not that they were brought up with. As i'm sure you're aware, we don't need to be religious to be psychic. 🙂

    Most of us were born with it in the genes.

    Thanks for your valuable insights and input which has helped me to stay focussed on what is important and necessary for it to be a successful venture.

    Verdana. 🙂

  • Verdana no I didn't know what an open circle was and I am not thin skinned so I didn't take it that you were trying to do anything but inform me and others. Its is kind of hard for me to get into a circle because when I am back to work they change my schedule weekly. Its not the same so that I could get into something like that very easily. And most of the time I have to work the closing shift which means I work till 10 at night. Its the pits but they know I don't have anyone I have to go home to. No little ones and no man waiting for me. So I am who is usually working. I really appreciate the help. I am talking to someone who belongs to a group that I am having some trouble wrapping my head around their belief system. Its Eckankar. I am not comfortable with all that he tells me that they believe so I am not swallowing it by the spooneful. I always go with if it feels right then go for it if it doesn't ignore it. He had me get a book he read along time ago and I can't concentrate on it. I am feeling that the reason is because in my mind I don't want to get involved with it. The book is called The Tiger's Fang. We will see I will keep trying to see if I get anything from it. Maybe I am not ready for it and I reject what is in front of me. I have had that happen but it was years ago when I was really trying too hard to get more open. All I did was overwhelm myself. And there were some books I had to put down because I wasn't ready for. Thank you for that information I do appreciate anything I learn on this forum.

  • Hi LibrasLair,

    thanks for your post.

    I've never heard of Eckancar or the book but i know to trust my instincts.

    I believe that's what you should do here. Have you heard of biblioancy?

    It's where, you can ask a question while holding a book, (any book) and the answer will be revealed in the first page you turn to in that book.

    It originates from the bible but works just as effectively with any other book you have an affinity with. Could even be a novel. I find it useful for confirming my thoughts if in doubt.

    It might not be because you aren't ready, but because it isn't needed.

    We are very similar in many ways i think. I'm a libra too. 🙂

    Verdana 🙂

  • Verdana I will try that with this book I almost feel repelled by it. I walk around it and just don't feel the need to pick it up now and read it but I am going to try that. Please could you read the update on dreams that Paulaj posted I have tried to catch you and or DreamerNorth but I keep missing you both. Thanks for the help.

  • Hi LibrasLair,

    i'm sorry but i can't find the dream update you speak of.

    What's the title of the discussion?

    I've browsed through some of the posts i participated in but most of them haven't been updated for more than a week.

    I will read it with interest though if you can direct me to it.

    Hope you're experiment worked with the bibliomancy.

    Verdana 🙂

  • Yes I did try the bibliomance. And like you said I did get an answer and it was to read the book. However I haven't done it yet. I have been busy doing other things and just haven't gotten back to the book. Thank you for answering my call for help with Paulaj's dream. I haven't heard from her to see if she has read it. She may not even be up yet since she is on the west coast and I say she was on last night while I was in bed asleep. Its much appreciated I am sure. Peace and harmony to you and yours.

  • Hi ; you responded to what i postedand i must say you by far made it most clear to me what i need to do brought out the real true light in all of it and i loved it you helped me out alot and i believe Anything is possible and the fact that crystals or being telepathic any of that kind of thing is true.. its amazing and id love to use it watch it happen anything im going to read more into this! greatly appreciated!


  • Hi ; you responded to what i postedand i must say you by far made it most clear to me what i need to do brought out the real true light in all of it and i loved it you helped me out alot and i believe Anything is possible and the fact that crystals or being telepathic any of that kind of thing is true.. its amazing and id love to use it watch it happen anything im going to read more into this! greatly appreciated!


  • This post is deleted!

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