Crystal divination. Your thoughts and experiences.

  • Do you believe in the power of crystals?

    Have you used crystals for healing or personal divination?

    I used crystals for healing myself and emotions as well as for personal development for some time and really felt they helped a lot.

    I now wonder if they were a crutch i needed at the time. Now i feel their powers can be drawn upon from the power of the universe without the need to actually hold a piece of the rock.

    I'm interested in the views and opinions of others who use crystals on a regular basis and also those who have no idea about how to use them.

    Please reply. This is my first attempt at posting a topic so don't know if this has been discussed before.

    Look forward to hearing from you all,

    Verdana. 🙂

  • Verdana I didn't think you would be asking this question. Girl it doesn't matter if the stones are a placebo or they actually work to heal. Honestly I give stones to people all of the time. Sometimes my guides tell me what to take to someone. I may not understand why at the time but I soon find out. Sometimes the information comes out of my mouth to tell the person what to do with the stone. Now that surprises me everytime. Yes I believe the stone help people if its to heal themselves or the stones doing it. People take vitamins but don't stop to think where they come from. Minerals and where does calcium comes from. I have people call me and say what stone do I need for ........ and I either know or I say let me do some research and I will get back to you. I have seen them heal but still if its a self healing or the stone is anyones guess. But I can tell you that there was one time that a little girl who had pancreas problems and the doctors were having a hard time figuring out what to do, I received a call when I lived in Mo. and told about it. I said let me see what I can find out and I will send the stone to you. I checked and came up with the stone. I sent it and told her grandmother to tell her its her lucky stone and to carry it in her pocket all the time. When I went back to Calif. her mother told me thank you. I said oh I didn't remember that it was her little girl. When asked about the problem I was told that she is fine and the doctors don't know what happened. You figure it out. I don't even ask I just say thank you for letting me help.

  • Hi, When LibraLiar mentions rocks I was curious exactly what type. I know the Bible mentions Rocks many times, Old and New Testaments. I have had 2 extraordinary experiences. One w/a crystal glass and one with a stone pillar at church. The light thru the glass formed a horse (perfect image) I'll try to post it. Stone pillar at church I see Christ's face. Showed to priest. He said it was (actually quite big) and he said because of location it's a public revelation. Anyway, in the stone pillar, there are several images in it. But it was verified by my church. It's no accident that a diamond is used for marriages. The hardest of all "rocks."

  • Dalia I didn't say a thing about Rocks. I was talking about stones.

  • Thanks LibrasLair,

    I decided to pose the questions for the benefit of other people who might be asking the very same questions i asked myself years ago.

    I have 'the knowing' instinct too and it felt right to post it. There are lots of people who read these discussion forums but never actually participate. They don't need to because they are gaining the insight they need just from reading.

    I thought perhaps someone might like to share the positive or negative results they may have had using crystals or their opinion as to whether they think they are needed.

    Personally, i rarely use them now and like yourself have given many away as well as giving messages which include the crystals and their properties.

    Thanks for including your own experiences, it's appreciated.


    I've seen images on the walls in buildings and the church i go to sometimes and i have a crystal ball which hasn't reflected images for me but we use it sometimes in my meditation group. It sits in the centre of the circle and the energy generated is immense or maybe it's the ball which is the focus for the energy we produce?

    Either way, we 'send' the energy out to troubled spots in our world before we close the circle.

    I tend not to worry about the reasoning behind what we feel and see, trusting and believing in the power it generates.

    Looking forward to more thoughts etc...

    Verdana 🙂

  • Verdana I think that your right a lot of people wouldn't know about some of the things talked about in these forums if they weren't discussed. And they do open up the more they communicate. For some I know this is the only place to talk about the things they do. It can be hard sometimes to not tell someone if you have an experience. I possibly wouldn't be doing what I do now with the stones were it not for taking someone to a store that I had never been in. I may not have understood why people had been giving me stones for years before that. Good subject matter.

  • LibraLiar,

    I'm having a probem with an addiction right now. Can you tell me what type of stone could give me the strength to overcome it? It would be much appreciated?

  • Good morning cautious I just found your request. I have never been asked for a stone for addiction before so I had to get a book out and check for you. One of my books lists several. I hope you have a stone near you so you can pick out your own stone for this one. But here is what I found. First is this a drug problem? Let me narrow it down some if that is it.

  • Cautious one of my books lists a stone called Smithsonite. You need a Lavender-Pink Smithsonite. I haven't seen one of these but you could try a New Age store and they may be able to contact there sources to get on in for you. Tell them what it is for and maybe who ever is picking it out can pick one easier knowing that. My book says it has a very loving vibration. It heals the hear, and experiences of abandonment and abuse, rebuilding trust and security. Assisting in feeling loved and supported by the universe. It is helpful in convalescence and soothes pain. Lavender-Pink Smithsonite helps ameliorate drug and alcohol problems and the emotions that lie behind them. If you pick your stone out, you need to hold it in your hand lest used. I am right handed so I hold it in my left. Hold it lightly and concentrate on the stone and see if you feel anything from it. Pick the one you feel something the strongest from. You will need to cleanse this stone before you use it. It can be smudged with sage or left with anyother cleansing stone such as Citrine, Carnelian, Calcite, Amethyst, or tourmaline. Not all stones should be cleansed with sea salt water. Once its cleansed you need to ask the stone to do what you want for you. I hope that helps. There are others but this one is specifically for what I said. Good luck

  • I've never used Crystals but would love to learn more about them!

  • Cautious here are three other stones that are easier to find are Fire Agate, Amethyst, and Hematite. I would suggest the Amethyst over the others. Here is just one of the books I use for reference vromero93. The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. If you go online to you will find it there use for around $1 + shipping. Be sure to read the condition the book is in. I hope this was helpful. This book has pictures of the stones. Enjoy it I do.

  • Hi,

    sorry LibrasLair, it would appear i started a discussion and left you to it, so to speak. Sorry about that.

    It's great to know there's not just me who likes to assist others in their quests for knowledge.

    There's a website called which shows colour photographs of almost every crystal you can mention. When you click on the crystal, it gives info on its properties and where it comes from.

    The site is packed with information on the stones and books and of course the owners want buyers too but obviously that is optional. 🙂

    Check it out. It's fab!

    Verdana 🙂

  • Thank you to all that have given me a reply. I will try all comments. I will keep you all posted. Hope your prayers are with me. Thanks, again.

  • Verdana I like to mention sites too but when I get ready to send one I check it and most of the time they are gone. I use Stumble Upon a lot but some of the sites you see there disappear too. Atleast I know you can get the books. And when you search and by on abebooks its next to nothing. I look most of the time for free shipping and then look at the price. Most of the time its a better deal. Another book for cross reference but no pictures in Love Is In The Earth by Melody. She has many more books. That book is always being updated so check out the Edition. I hope you enjoy this enough cautious to start helping others. It will surprise you. You would really find it more awe inspiring if you had a place to go and pick out the stones yourself. People feel different things while holding a stone. I always tell people to pick up the ones that catch your eye and that your attracted to. If you keep checking that stone until you find the one that you get the strongest what ever from, then you really need that one. Peace and harmony to you and yours.

  • I know two people who are pretty well gifted with the use of crystals for divination. The method they chiefly use is to hang it on a pendulum over a specific answering mat. When they focus on questions, the pendulum moves over the mat and answers are derived from that. I haven't done any sessions with them, but will be soon. There are four or five of us that are going to start getting together to practice our mediumship skills on one another. One of these people use the pendulum crystals. (I use tarot.) I can keep you informed of what I learn from them of it.

  • Dreamer I have read about the pendulum and I have a stone fashioned for that but I haven't tried it yet. I have so many interests that I probably need to focus on one and really take it to the top. But I find that I am so hungry to learn that I don't give myself a chance to vegetate on one. Before I have jumped again to something else. Even if it just an introduction. That's very interesting. I would be interested in hearing how it goes. I don't get into some of these large group things. I prefer just a few people helping each other develop. So of the larger groups seem to let their egos get in the way and we are suppose to do that. I don't deal with them that way I am not so likely to speak before I think and show my temper. I have a problem sometimes containing it with big headed people. To me its more helping each other to highten what you do and learning how to do more.

  • I agree LibraLair that it is much better to 'keep it simple', and stick to smaller more intimate groups for discussion and development. The medition circle that I attend is the same eight people every week with the occassional newcomer. When the circle gets to around 10+ people, they usually close it off to new members. Of these eight, four of us, and perhaps a couple other friends of mine are going to get together on a semi-regular basis to practice our 'crafts' amoungst ourselves. Nothing formal. Just friends getting together to practice, learn, and discuss.

    I spent some time yesterday with a friend who does use a crystal pendulum. I asked her a little more detail on how it works. Apparently, the medium generally does not involve an 'answer mat' (though it can). It's the direction and speed that the pendulum moves in that gives the divination. For instance, if the pendulum rotates clockwise, then it is postiive energy (or a positive response). Counter-clockwise is negative. The faster and wider it rotates, the more strength of the energy or strength of response. Moving in one particular direction (not rotating) like left or right means either yes or no (cannot remember which direction means which). There are other things or motions that the pendulum can do to give divinity to a question.

  • Thank you Dreamer I have something filed away that I copied off the internet on it. I did it when I was still taking chemo treatments and I had trouble retaining information and you know I put it somewhere so it wouldn't get lost.LOL I did a good job because now I don't know where that very important safe place is. LOL Oh brother, one of these days I will stumble on to it I am sure. Thank you I may go back to Stumble Upon and check my history there to see if that is where I found it to begin with. It is much appreciated.

  • Hi DreamerNorth and LibrasLair,

    we all seem to be on a great road to helping each other and others.

    I had a pendulum dowser with a chart like described above and the instructions which came with them were that the direction that the pendulum swings in can vary for different people.

    eg. left and right swings aren't always the same answers for positive and negative responses.

    It's said that each person who uses a dowser should energize it with their own personal energy and test it first with simple and obvious questions, like:- am i female? then see which way it swings.

    Once you've established which way it goes for you, then is the time to ask more questions for divining the future or gaining confirmation for something you are doing now which you want to know is right or wrong for you. 🙂

    Like LibrasLair, i no longer get too seriously involved with large groups which try to foist their own belief systems onto us.

    I do love the open circles though which invite anyone who can work on a psychic/mediumship level as well as those who are seeking knowledge and messages or just interested in the topic. I'm in the process of starting up my own open circle close to where i live because i know so many people who left the churches because the religion was rammed down their throats and many of them were made to feel like children just because they don't know how it works.

    Moral ethics and safety come naturally as we grow and so long as we are not there to deliberately upset anyone, we won't.

    I also hold a meditation group for development and awareness in my own home which is by invitation only but ultimately i want to create a team, in a spiritual learning centre at little or no cost for those who cannot afford to attend the seminars and expensive workshops.

    It might take a couple of years, but that is my goal.

    Wish me luck. 🙂

    I'd like to read more about DreamerNorths experiences in the group sessions too so please keep posting. It's a great way to learn and can be enjoyable too.

    Abundant blessings to all,

    Verdana 🙂

  • Verdana I think that you must be on the east coast or you could be in the midwest like I am. According to the time you come on here. I am in Austin and I have heard from different people about some of these large groups that charge thousands of dollars to go to their seminars. Well gee that sounds like a piramid again. Because you get so much money for people under you. What kind of spiritual group would do this? Never mind I know which one. Then I just heard of another one that is very large and they charge $160 yearly to belong. And I was told it was for all the mailings. And I don't know if their beliefs fit mine either. All I can say is it doesn't feel right. And I know you understand that. Even some small groups have a leader and anything you say isn't what they believe. So I am real careful and I do appreciate all we learn here. Thank you all.

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