LeoScorpio! Reading Please!

  • If you could please do a reading on the romantic compatibility on this relationship or any insight it would be very helpful! Would he ever consider moving if he were in love? As a scorpio how do I not scare him off? Thanks so much!

    I'm born: November 6 1988 Olympia, Wa 98501

    He's born: July 14 1987 Waukesha, Wi 53186

    Much Thanks!

  • sorry I didn't read this until today

    too busy at work, close to holiday I won't be able to do it for you until new year

    start a new thread for gypsydreams

    I read that she is good, or Dangala

    sorry but I can't spread myself too thin at this time of the year

  • I just want to say one thing, travellingscorpio

    you have tendency to bear guilt, too much of it. we all make mistakes, just apologize and fix it. don't keep the feeling of guilt much longer than you should. you can't be everything to everyone. there is no such human anyway.

    he is very sensitive and intuitive, you are too, but more so he is. be more gentle with your words, and be less assertive/take charge. Let him take the initative now and then and let him 'win' a discussion or argument even if you know you are right.

    you also have tendency of lack of confidence. you compensate this by pouring abundant of Martian energy into proving yourself, so that someone sees you are 'worth' it. now improving yourself, your skills, your look etc is where you supposed to direct this energy, but not for someone else's approval, for Yourself, your future.

    He doesn't always know how to communicate his feelings, he might say things he doesn't mean, or say it at the wrong time. So if you want to hear something serious, that's going to take time and a whole lot of patience. You on the other hand are blessed with ability to charm others. You are sharp mentally and straightforward. he might feel 'threatened' by your directness. try to tone it down a wee bit. not something you realize right away, and not something totally your fault, you were born with it. he can be loud, entertaining and inspiring, but he is not as straighforward as you are. He also tends to go back and forth, not necessarily lying or hiding something from you, it's just how he is. A whole lot patience and time, again.

    One more reason to let him take the initiatives, is because this is where his blessing lies. Just be there for him when he rushes into things and falls flat on his face, you will be tempted to say "I told ya!" but try to joke about it instead.

    Your endless support and compassion can take your relationship further than you ever imagine. It is after all, your purpose to be more compassionate. But remember not let anyone manipulate you and not let anyone pushes you into taking guilt trip. do your part, everyone else has to do theirs.

    this is all I can see for now. I hope someone else can help you if you need more.

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