Insight from Hans Wolfgang

  • Dearest Hans, it has been almost a year since I hav requested insight

    what do you see???

    I have finally settled with a job, the road got bumpy there for awhile

    I am really wanting to do readings in my community I can't see what's up ahead

    any insight is greatly appreciated

    Blessings of Love and Light to you...


  • Dear Goldenhill,

    what do you see??? you are holding yourself and your money together, being rather closed.

    I can't see what's up ahead: you need energy.

    any insight is greatly appreciated: you are defending your space and your standpoint against many expectations and demands of others.


    it will go -- nothing to be worried about. Just

    remember one thing: a Canadian

    psychoanalyst, Doctor Hans Selye, has been working his

    whole life on only one problem -- that is stress. And

    he has come to certain very profound conclusions. One

    is that stress is not always wrong; it can be used in

    beautiful ways. It is not necessarily negative, but if

    you think that it is negative, that it is not good, then

    you create problems. Stress in itself can be used as a

    stepping stone, it can become a creative force. But

    ordinarily we have been taught down the ages that

    stress is bad, that when you are in any kind of stress

    you become afraid. And your fear makes it even more

    stressful; the situation is not helped by it.

  • Dearest Hanswolfgang,

    Wow! Thanks alot, and I will chew on this some more! You are sooo Right On!!!!

    Best To You...

  • Dearest Goldenhill,

    thinking has led you away from the heart. Now there

    are ways of thinking so that you can reverse the

    process and go back to the heart, but you will have to

    pass through thinking; there is no other way. Thinking

    cannot simply be avoided.

  • Dearest Hanswolfgang,you are soooo right about that!!!!

    I think too much!!!! I need to go back to the heart

    and take chances,,, Thank you dearest Hans!!!!

    Blessings of Light and Love to you!

  • Goldenhill,

    if you desire something and you feel

    the moment you attain it there will be joy

    you can go on hoping till you attain it

    the moment you attain it you will see

    there is no joy in it.

    the desire and the hope has moved again

    farther away

    the same illusion, the same hope

    and you go on living your whole life

    running after shadows

    to understand the nature of desire

    that it is basically unfulfillable

    is the foundation of contentment.

    the moment you see that the desire is


    desiring as such disappears

    and when there is no desire in the heart

    then you are contented.

  • Oh?!!!! I see! Ok, this I'd one I've come to realize now, thanks to you that all those hopes and dreams and hurdles to climb have all come to this place of knowing ". This is it". This is, all there is, this IS as good as it gets this IS your life

    ay yay yay!!!! I've had my head in the clouds...

    Thank you Hans. ; )

  • Goldenhill,

    this is it.

    Neither you nor me, but simply the isness of

    existence, the unbounded sky of your inner world.

    You can open your wings and fly in the inner world

    without any bondage, without any weight.

    This is

    the only freedom.

  • Dearest Hanswolfgang : I will not stay away so long! Your insight gives me another way of looking at it all!!!! Best to you...

  • Goldenhill,

    by taking this insight you are simply merging into a totally

    different kind of existence. It is your death, and a rebirth -- death

    as an ego, and rebirth as a consciousness.

    But if the small river thinks, 'I am not ready to

    lose myself in the ocean' then the river will be lost

    in a desert. And that will be suicide. With the ocean

    it is not suicide. With the ocean, the river becomes

    the ocean. It is only a question of how you look at

    it. If you look positively, the river becomes bigger.

    It is no longer small, no longer confined to its own

    small banks. Now the ocean is what she is, now the

    ocean's being is her being. That is another way of

    looking at it. And that should be the attitude.

  • Whoa!!!! Ha Ha Ha!!!! This is heavy duty!!! Hm????? Lots to absorb,

    thank you Hans! : )

  • Goldenhill,

    your present condition is such that you do not have a

    correct idea of what the body is and of what you are.

    The body is mortal; you are immortal. But in your mind

    there is great confusion. Mortality and immortality are

    all mixed up together and you are unable to distinguish

    between them. The whole substance of

    one's journey to self-realization, is this and this

    alone -- that you are able to separate mortality and

    immortality, that you come to know what the body is and

    what you are. Then you will not live the way others

    live. You will be alive within, but on the

    outside you will be like a corpse.

  • Dearest Hans, thank you for thinking of me today! : )

    I sort of get what you're saying, I don't want to live like others( I do ,and I don't). great parodoxes of life,eh? for the most part I don't fit, never have never will it is the struggle and the pain and the lonliness that has always brought me back to ME, my existence, search for meaning etc

    nice hearin from you! Hope your week is nice!

  • Goldenhill,

    you are discriminating. And so you are preventing yourself from meditating and just listening. By creating discrimination you are creating foreigners.

  • Ah ha! I see,I get tripped up much of the time , ok sooo no matter what is happening or who's doing what, I should just be an observer no judjement no reaction just be....

    Be like a corpse, detached from life and not patricipating. Ugh!

    Ha ha, I am so confused...then what's the purpose of being here Hans?

  • Goldenhill,

    then what's the purpose of being here Hans? First you create a new kingdom for yourself, you want to achieve all you desires, and then you learn to know, that all this is only an illusion.

    Then you are standing on your own feet,

    feeling the dignity of being human, feeling rooted,

    centered; feeling that you have a place in existence of

    your own, thatyou are not accidental, that existence

    needs you otherwise you would not be here. The very

    fact that you are here shows clearly that existence needs

    you. There is some tremendous purpose, some destiny that

    existence wants to be fulfilled by you. You are existence's

    ambition, just as you are. The moment you feel this,

    you have a great gratitude arising in you.

  • AWE!!!! Thank you!!! ; ). Oh My!!!!!

    I think I really got it this time, WOW!!!!!

    You explained this so eloquently!!!!! Wow

    Dearest Hanswolfgang:

    So much of my life I've felt as a misfit, matterless bubble floating in space etc etc, thru my mystical studies have touched upon what you said but " my forgetter" goes on! I hold your insight close to my heart and know that this will Carry me thru the rest of my journey...

    10,000 blessings to you...

    Dearest, Blesses Hans...

  • Meant Dearest Blessed Hans

  • Goldenhill,

    in Japan there is a tradition: whenever someone comes to a Zen master, he brings his sitting mat with him. He unrolls the mat, sits on it, and asks his question. Then he has to leave his mat there, and each day, whenever he has a question to ask, he comes and sits on his mat and asks the question. This sometimes continues for years. Then a day comes when he becomes tired of this asking and being answered, and he realizes that all this is just nonsense. He rolls up his mat, puts it under his arm, and leaves. The day he rolls up his mat, the master says, “Have you rolled up your mat? Good! My blessings to you.” Rolling up the mat is symbolic of getting tired of asking questions and getting answers to them, of asking and listening. Now he stops both, and from that day his meditation begins.

  • Ah Huh!

    Observe, Be.

    Thank you. ❤ ...

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