• Releasing the Weightiness of your Physical World /Archangel Gabriel

    All human beings face the apparent set backs of their projects, family and other situations in their lives. In fact all that is on the physical level is impermanent by its very nature. What impact these changes in outward circumstance carry into your future, and more permanent way of being, is very much displayed by the responses you make from your mental/emotional body. You are a part of a great centrifugal force of Divine Will at the center of which is miraculous Love. With every breath, every thought, keep your attention alive and focused on this power of the One Love within all things. Let that be the energy that creates Divine Right Action in your world.

    It was said so long ago in human history, and the oft repeated, I AM THAT I AM, still carries the power of this One Truth within each being. These words are a seed containing a glorious connection to your empowered source energy, and you may find it a helpful segue in many situations. As you well know, there is a great manifesting power in action every time you say the words, ‘I AM.” Knowing that this truth can create discordance, when followed by a negative statement as well as positive action, is important. Often your reliance on some simple affirmations to fall back on, may assist your unity with this oneness within you and help break away the old cords that leave you feeling disconnected from your inner state of Divine Love. Your attention and focus on the Truth of your being, that which holds the Divine connection, can act as a rescue craft in the seas of chaos that are ever present on the physical level.

    A Joyous Homecoming for your Scattered Energies

    When you pay attention not only to your statements that include the words “I AM,” but the thoughts that show up as beliefs in your daily mental state, you will clearly see what attitudes strengthen or weaken you. I AM THAT I AM sets the pattern of unity within your heart that connects you to the One Power Everywhere Present, All-That-Is. A joyous homecoming of your scattered energies begins as you climb into the lifeboat offered by this statement of power at the center of your being.

    The glorious Light-filled substance of God available to you never wavers. It is only a misdirected thought, a feeling that does not reflect the truth of who you are, that can weigh you down like an anchor in turbulent waters. The lifeboat of your Divine Self floats free, acting as the power of Infinite Loving Substance for you to honor as the Truth of you. All of heaven awaits your choice to reclaim your true, authentic, eternal Divine Self.

    The Life Stream of Pure Consciousness

    When you remember who you are, when you recognize that at the depth of your being, you are glorious, I AM THAT I AM becomes a statement of fact. As you align yourself with the life stream of pure consciousness where there are no limitations, Legions of Angels, Masters of Ascension, and many Beings of Light, are available to assist you in the glorious recognition of your Divinity and the renewal of your commitment to your Self.

    You are releasing the weightiness of a physical world that has complicated itself and made convoluted that which is intended as pure, clear, and divine in its patterns of Perfection. It is up to each person to align yourself to the beliefs that feel like a lifeboat in the turbulent sea, for it is only in this core of loving faith in the Eternal Presence that you find sustenance. It is up to each person to find the thread of Divine Perfection within them. When you focus on this sometimes-thin, yet sacred thread, it creates a momentum of inner peace. The waves will calm around your little lifeboat, and you begin to feel safe again, remembering you are never alone in this Sea of Eternal Love.

    Manifesting Divine Perfection

    Sometimes it only takes a moment of remembering a higher perspective in order to change the world you live in. Each person must find that perfected focus that creates a resonance of Love within them. When there is a need for a statement of truth to cling to when life feels turbulent and dark, when you can think of nothing else, “I AM THAT I AM,” contains the seed of great power. A statement you can use to shift your consciousness when said three times is, “I AM THAT I AM in action here, manifesting Divine Perfection in all things, Now and Forever. Thank you God. So be it.”

    You are that connection to the Divine Substance of all Life. When, in a moment of silence, as you sit in the Light of Divine Love, that sweet taste you may notice on your tongue is the essence of God vying for your attention. Savor the sweetness and know that it is a divine message helping you remember that you are truly loved, and you are being cared for eternally.

    And so it is.

    Shanta Gabriel

    For Archangel Gabriel


  • Oh Poetic You found what hits on the nail

    I love it girl..you always find what I write about to help others understand more deeply.

    I write how I see life and I love it when someone finds these beautiful words of wisdom to help me better write my views.

    Thank God for you as you help my writings make more sense.

    Thank Heaven for little girls..I have that song going in my head..Love ya,girl

    You are the I Am!!!! Thats what I love about you!..Zep

  • OH WE ALL ARE! 🙂

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  • The thread of Divine Perfection...I have felt that peace it speaks of on several occasions. It is such a wonderful feeling.

  • 🙂

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