Are Cancer men sorry?

  • I am having a hard night thinking about my ex Cancer man. Was listening to his radio show (I already know it's a horrible thing to do) and he was talking about regrets. He said he didn't have any.. he said he's glad about every mistake he's made because it's led him to where's he is at now.

    It just stings, ya know? I mean I know he's not going to admit to wronging me on his radio show, lol. BUT I never got an apology and I doubt I ever will. Do Cancers have a problem admitting they're wrong or sorry? Do they even feel regret at all? Or is this guy just a JERK? I have good days and bad days and this is most certainly a bad day!

  • Why are you torturing yourself by listening to this idiot on the radio? Do you really have to ask if this man is a jerk, it's not clear to you?

  • U got it rigth Fluppyuggs.... Base on my experienced. Goldenegg3 they never feel sorry at all instead they can twist your story though you already know the real him . Leave him alone I'm pretty sure you don't want to hear nasty words from if he noticed that you still holding him . The more u put yourself in trouble. So walk away before you lost yourself respect. Kissess

  • life is about learning and moving forward

    it's true that mistakes are to learn from, not to dwell in

    by not making amends of his mistakes, he is NOT learning from them

    and so these mistakes have NOT made him who he is today

    he hasn't learned anything, he just makes it sound he has (to those who don't know him)

    lessons do not stop coming until he learns them

    in time he will find the very person that will 'teach' him this

    this person will turn his world upside down and leave him while he is at it

    some people have to learn the hard way, so hard it is they will get

    let him live these moments, while you start a new and get ready for a better person

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • wow! leoscorpion, you have helped me with your response. though I miss my cancer man.

    thank you.

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