Hello highpriestess3

  • i saw your older thread about the birth chart...i'll take any advice i can get as this past year has left me a confused young woman...

    i just wanna know what life has in store for me over the next season...summer is gone and it's been one heck of a year.... AND venus retrograde.

    july 11, 1985

    12:37 pm

    marion, sc

    if you can't get back to me, no worries. peace and love 🙂

  • Dear MELinSc

    Sorry -I've only just seen this....I can add you to my new list when I start it up, but it probably won't be for a while. I'm so sorry you've had a b. i. - .c. h. of a year; it's very hurtful when a romance ends without explanation, or proper closure. I'm sure one of the other readers will help you in the meantime.

    I see you have Chiron conjunct Venus in Gemini - did you suffer some sort of major maternal rejection as a child incidentally ? (It might have been shortlived!) Sorry to be intrusive, but this planetary tie-up will probably impact upon your present/current relationships.,!

    Peace and love to you my friend..

  • eh it's ok, thought i'd try 🙂 i'm sure you are a busy woman. i don't think i suffered any maternal rejection, my mother is a cancer also and is amazing. anyone who puts up with me is, ha 🙂 be intrusive all you want, i'm just trying to make sense of my current place in life and this world. get to me when and if you can, no worries. thanks lady 🙂


  • Dear Mel

    No problem...I hope you feel better soon .x

  • Hi there highpriestess3,

    Wonder if you could shed some light on to my life here please regarding my son. He has gotton into some trouble with the wrong kind of people and want to know what is going to happen? His name is Wayne born 7/9/75 and i am very worried

    Thank you


  • Dear Chappies

    I'm afraid that I haven't got any time at the moment...the best thing to do is to start a new thread and someone will answer it......if I were you I'd ask for The Captain.....she is excellent at getting to the heart of a problem ( I'm sure she won't mind my saying so).

    Peace and love.

  • Thank you yes she is very good and have had a reading but did not want to bug her with my problem AGAIN but yes maybe she wont mind

    Tks again

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