Too much gemini

  • Somehow I was born full on gemini. My sun, moon, and rising signs are all gemini. I was wondering if there are more of us out there and if you have any advice for being this gemini. Sometimes I feel like there are a whole bunch of us stuck in this one body, not a very comfortable feeling. Ok, thanks, I'm making myself laugh now....

  • Sorry, Sybil, haven't any advice - but you're making me laugh too, if that's any consolation!

    ; )

  • Find a Taurus or Leo to aggravate, that will take your mind off your troubles. Just kidding, I love my Gemini friends, even if they do drive me nuts. I also have several cusp friends and relatives, and the whole astrology thing just goes out the window with them. It's like having lunch with 2 friends when there's just one sitting there. You never know who will show up and it's never boring.

  • Hi guys, I was just curious, if a Gemini Man says "You are not the one and I only see you as a friend" - its this the absolute truth and there is NO WAY of him changing his mind or being wrong?

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