Please help me understand?

  • I tried to find the answers in one section but... the thread was already apparently closed. I'm still looking for help to understand more if someone could possibly give me some insight into understanding my birthchart, and if it's at all possible, the birthchart of a good friend of mine. She is a friend but... I have an undeniable connection to her. I am just trying to figure out all the reasons why... there's a lot I'd like to know, but it's an awful lot to take on all at once so I suppose one should only show me this insight if they have time.

    I want to know what's in store for me in my next year, or why I may feel so attached, or... what on EARTH happened this year that caused all this to happen.

    I've been looking all over for answers but I think I've finally found the right place to ask people, even though I might've deleted and re-written this topic post several times because I was unsure if I should or shouldn't post anything. I think it's because I don't want to seem selfish for asking for asking so much, or that I might not receive an answer, or that I may be doing something wrong or...

    Well anyway...

    My date of birth is March 21st, 1991 at 8:00 PM on the dot in Corvallis, Oregon, USA

    Hers, the girl I'm so curious about, is October 31st, 1993 at around 6:30 AM in London, England, UK.

  • Actually... I believe insight on any subject deemed important would be incredibly helpful to know if anyone can dig anything up. I'm relatively new to this place still so it's difficult to know how everything works, or who is able to help with this, or... something like that. Just... terribly curious.

  • Hi OCain -

    I am not sure why no one has responded to your requests for help yet. I do know that you can get a free analysis of your chart on this site (cosmic profile) as well as hers. I think the compatibility report is a pay-for.

    There is another website that is really great for understanding astrology if you want to learn more:

    (you'll have to type it in/copy and paste)

    Also, I recently purchased a book that comes with software to allow you to prepare unlimited charts; and provides references to pages in the book regarding what it all means - as well as much more. It's fabulous - but again, nothing worth knowing comes without study. The book's title, believe it or not: "The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need". I'm quite the researcher, so that for me, remains QUITE the claim; but it's still a comprehensive book that should give you the insight you're looking for.

    Astrology alone, however, cannot necessarily explain why you feel so connected. Sometimes, we don't get to know WHY - it's just enough that we KNOW.

    Best (a fellow Oregonian),

    Wild Places

  • Thank you for your response, Wild Places

    I don't know why no one has responded either but someone will eventually... and hopefully someone can tell me something. Anything at all...

    I really wish I had the funds with which to do things like that on my own, but unfortunately my situation stops me from doing... ANY of that. My personal freedoms were signed away the second I joined the place that I am at. Not Tarot, but this institution which, I could swear, squeezes the life out of you day by day. The atmosphere itself is so strong that it brings everyone down. Feels like you're not even in the world of the living anymore when you set foot here. You see the world going by you, but you can never go back to it until you finish all your work.

    But that is beside the point... I'm just curious if someone else can answer those questions. I just... don't have the means to pay for the reports on, that's all. I wish I did, because I certainly would, but I'm stuck here.

  • try cafeastrology - the birth charts are free - and they help you understand. sorry to hear you're stuck in what sounds like the military. ugh. hope you get out soon and safe.

  • Funny thing is that it's not the military. Military would actually be a little more fun, I would think... and I think I'll look through Cafeastrology too, but I didn't post this topic here for nothing >.>

  • OCain, your relationship with this girl works best for friendship - it's very very challenging for love. It often begins with suspicion and distrust. Actions, not words, will be needed for each person to convince the other and to engender mutual faith. If a bond is to be forged, the relationship's 'steel' must go through the fire if it is to be tempered and dependable. But once you both have paid your dues and endured the trials and tribulations that this relationshp requires, openness and honesty can be achieved. Much will depend on the continued investment of time spent in serious talk and in the airing of different points of view. Only then may sympathy and understanding grow, and with them a deepening of the relationship and a measure of permanence.

    Actions alone are not enough to convince this girl; ethical intent is vitally important to her. But you often do things impulsively, OCain, without thinking. Even if your intention is pure enough in your own mind, you may consequently get into trouble with this girl, who tends to be suspicious of your apparent innocence and may harbour suspicions about you, finding it hard to believe that you don't have something deceptive or downright dishonest in mind.

    Such suspicions can undercut this relationship, whether it be a friendship, love or working matchup. Furthermore, since neither of you is particularly strong in self-understanding, deceptions of all kinds can abound. You find your weaknesses and flaws harder to hide than this girl, who rarely if ever can be caught putting herself at a disadvantage, particularly in any kind of argument. You soon learn that you can be very hurt by her since you are the more vulnerable, and you may become less willing to open up, and more guarded. This girl can place heavy demands on you and you may react with outright rebellion when you are pushed too far. You will not tolerate her need for control so the outlook is not good, especially for love. Although increased affection and protectiveness may surface through struggle, marriage is not recommended either.

  • That is... certainly not what I wanted to hear... but probably what I needed to hear. I felt my heart drop right as I opened the thread again and already knew that I was going to hear something very difficult... but this is...

    My actions are limited because of the idstance. I cannot be there, and I try to be honest, and I make it known that if anyone has doubts they simply ask me but... I... Hell, I can barely even think straight anymore.

    Heaven help me, because I know I do impulsive things, but I... I guess I've always had a reputation of being untrustworthy because of how indecisive I am. I can never fix on one decision, and although one would say it is an apparent 'innocence' I make my true nature known to any being. I kept thinking, 'Now that she knows she'll never give me a chance. I can never face her again' after... well I won't say that here.

    ...Thank you, Captain, once again, for your words. A part of me wants to say 'Never accept what you can change!' even still, though. I don't want to accept the negative qualities that I can change in myself, but I'm starting to think my efforts would be heavily wasted at this time.

    I think I'm going to just... take a bit of time to ponder some things for a while.

  • The only reason you have trouble making decisions is because you don't know yourself well enough to know what you really want.

  • What you meant to say, I believe, what that 'Your relationships with this girl would be easiest as friendship'. I never stopped talking to her, I never went out of contact, and I never forgot about her. I kept every conversation I've had with her either in my mind or in my computer (because I just have it save convos on MSN anyway P:). The strongest steel is forged in the hottest fire, they say, and it would seem that throughout our relationship we've gone through a number of trials and tribulations on either side, but neither one of us is willing to give up on the other in any sense. Although she only recently said a thing about my presence in her life being a great influence and me revealing that she's always been an influence in mine, I somehow always knew there was a strong attraction. I never quit feeling it.

    Perhaps love is very, very challenging, but I know that nothing ever stays challenging. Flaws don't stay flaws forever. Weaknesses may eventually be eliminated.

    Down, but never out. 😉

    Well I guess I'm back in the game here... amazing how much changes in a few months.

  • I didn''t say a love relationship was impossible here but I did mention the negative qualities you would both have to overcome in order to achieve it. It takes hard work on both partners' part to make a relationship succeed. If just one of you loses faith, it will fall apart.

  • I guess it's a good thing that we aren't willing to give up on eachother then, eh? I believe a lot of things happened that needed to happen between then and now to allow this to work like it is right now... immense changes, improvements, reconciling with the past and leaving it behind...

    I haven't lost faith yet. ^-^

  • Good.

  • An inspiration to me! Totally in a similar relationship right now, and on the trials side of thing. So hoping things all work out. Very glad to hear things are good for you OCain!

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