Shuabby can you please read for me?

  • Hello Shuabby, How are you?

    I would greatly appreciate it if you could do a reading for me.

    Love/ Relationship



    Do you see my ex getting in touch with me? We have had no contact for 5 months. Is he going to start interrupting my life and trying to get back in.

    He has a girlfriend. Initial J. Where does he stand with her?

    My initial is E 13 august

    My ex's initial M.M 27/12/1979

    thanks in advance!

  • Dear Cuteshortie,

    I will answer what spirit brings to me to give, as you have asked in quite a few areas of your life.

    In your lovelife I sense that your ex has begin to plant roots in this relationship that he has entered into. I do not feel him starting to interrupt your life and spirit is saying for you to advanced forward and start a new life of your own.

    You need to release him and start to open your heart to others as I feel a man coming in around you in the spring of 2011 that could become your next husband. You need to do some personal inner work on levels of how much control you need in friendships and relationships and how to deal with anger and saddness. You need to play smoothing music to listen to as I feel an inner tension with you most of the time. Sea salt baths help to remove the negative you gather throughout the day. Please go out and start having fun with friends and make some new ones too, as I hear an Mable or Sable name coming in here.

    Have a good evening.

  • Shuabby, thank you so so much for your reading. I really appreciate it. Just a quick question, you you see me being physically more active in the future?

    Can you see my ex marrying his current girlfriend?

    Thank you so very much.

  • Dear Cuteshortie,

    I do not think they will marry for about two years, as they will take it slow. Your interest in his getting married should abate soon, when you start to get out and do some physical work on your body. I see you getting involved in Curves or a gym, as soon as you talk your own self into it. You will be very happy with the results and attention the new you brings.

  • wow! Thank you so much. I don't know what curves is, but I am injured now that is why I ask.

    I didn't think they would get married...that changes a lot. Does his family like her? Do you think he will make contact with me? Are they having any issues?

    I am very grateful for your reading!

  • DearCuteshortie,

    I would not go into his life any deeper as this is more about you and what you need in your life at this time. When you can let go of him, in which you have not, than you will stay stagnant and possibly gain more weight. When people get stuck in thought patterns or old relationships they can not heal and move forward. Than when their situations begins to wear them down in a physical or mental way, they can not understand why? Please re read my reading for you, as I will not answer another question about your ex.

    Forward Movement Is Needed

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