Why do Cancer Men do wrong, then make you feel like you did wrong ?

  • Capricorn444;

    I have clairvoyant and empath abilities and have read tarot for friends before just not over long distance before if you would like for me to help the next few days as it sounds like things for you will be picking up soon from you offer to read email. Pleas let me know if you would like for me to help.


  • Help is on it's way my dear .....first a must buy is "Linda Goodman's Sun signs" ........I could never figure out my husbands MOODS until I read this book < yes a cancer......... it's then I realized things WEREN'T MY FAULT" a cancer man NOT nurtured my his mother will be very cold hearted a cancer man raised with love a affection will flourish you with furs .this book should be everyones BIBLE....a cancer person is soooo MOON sensitive ...this book explains all signs foremost as a child < the molded years , man,woman,boss,employee. so save the heart ache with EVERYONE in your life read about them get to know what makes them tick ... whats in their heart, that they may not really know themselves "whats wrong" ......some of the anger thing tho..hmmmm you could have hit on a hidden thing he doesn't want you to know (cheating) or your not understanding your cancer an they get enraged I'm telling you READ THIS BOOK an if there are matter's he's hiding from not being honest time to find another sign to get along with ....

  • Grey star; what a kind offer! I have a website too and yes I am over loaded. I have a friend you emails me private from her. Her name is transition, she put up a post an dis struggling to interprate a reading from bluemoon; bluemoon seams to have hit a deep area within transition.....take a look at her post...it says anyone or capricorn under tarot......I have doen 10 readings and have three more:) I also put one up for myself actually.....but not one person lol...its called new to tarot and open to objective thoughts. That woul dbe great if you could help with those two. I am helping transition outside this forum as well but anything to help her with blue moons interp would be appreciated:)

  • I keep seeing things about severance in my cards for a while...At first I thought it referred to quitting smoking and finding closure on some old romantic issues...but I have worked through most of those from what I can tell. The main thing I see reoccurring in the relationship with my cancer soulmate is sometimes I get uneasy when he needs space, stops communicating regulary for a short time..but I am starting to realize that he will resurface once his "need for space is over".. I also tend to have moments with myself where I should probably learn to utilize "space myself" as I tend to get uneasy at times as we grow closer..Although the closeness is what I seek, sometimes I get the urge to bolt as he and I get closer. Once I get over the initial fear, I am ok with things again...

    Severance:How can I integrate my values and beliefs with more support in order to be free of limitation?

    What truths am I holding apart from myself?Am I hiding from something?

    Am I being totally honest with myself about my situation and the people I am associating with?

    what lessons does this severance hold for me?

    What are the focuses of your desire, attention and motivation?

    A divine union is a union with two whole individuals.

    When you meet this person becuase you do have a balance to you. Yin.Yang. He and you are the other peice of the puzzle. If you believe in God; woman arfe made from the rib of the man. Believe and there is a man for you becuase there is no other woman like you; we are all dynamic and distinct from out experiences, nature, nurture and timmings of synchronistic events. The farther truth you seek in you, you will no what compliments and countors. Just be the best you can be ond inwquest your sprit self. A divien union is trinity of two people; spirit, mind and body. Your life will make even more sense when you meet this person. Yes we have many soulmates, and we often have karmic completions that carry over in this life; that may explain karmic relationships and he karma we came in with in this life, why at young some have sleep issues, body aches and so on......

  • Oh girl, I feel your pain. I'm a Leo with a Cancer man for 13 yrs, (on and off). All I can tell you is they don't "own" anything they do, or say wrong. He will have an answer for everything during a disagreement, and your words, (if your lucky enough to get a word in at all) will go in one ear and fly out the other. They will lie to spare your feelings 9 out of 10 times. They just can't commit 100%, even if they want to. They make excellent friends, but no partners. I love this Cancer man, but most time I dislike him. I'm a firm believer in karmic relationships as well, so why I keep going back is hard to explain. They almost have a Jekyl/Hyde personality. Can be so sweet, and when you least expect it the rug is pulled out from under you. They are extremely sensitive and will retreat to their "crab shell" for weeks at a time.

    If you don't have alot invested in this relationship, then just remaining friends is a good option, but if you can let your disagreements go letting him think all is well, then maybe it's worth the effort. I really hope whatever you chooose, you have a good New Year. I wish this forum was open 13 years ago. : )

  • Amen to that Lorraine! I love her books, and they should be a Bible to the relationship world..Thank god I'm not the only one out there that's with a Cancer man and thinks to herself everyday, "hmmm, maybe I am wrong?"

  • Hi Capricorn444,

    I will check out and do those readings as soon as I get home this afternoon. No time to try reading over long distance like the present.


  • @ Greystar

    You're welcome if I could be of any help with the insights. To answer your queries:

    "Do Cancer males tend to express their emotions for another person's through actions before they are comfortable with words?"

    You must know cancerians also tend to be excellent communicators. SOOTHING Words even if they can sometimes feel shallow, are quite welcome in my book. But yes, sometimes we do feel annoyed over empty platitudes or meaningless formalities...especially, from people who are utterly dislikable. If I like you, I'll tolerate all your failings without showing signs of irritation..

    It must be added the only sign I have trouble communicating with is Capricorn. We are zodiac opposites and even based on real-life experiences, I feel as if these capricornians think exactly 180 degrees opposite to us. Communicating with this one sign has always been a failure for me. Why do they always have to run in the opposite direction. Too much conflict over nothing!! And as you know, cancerians dislike unnecessary conflicts.

    Unlike another water sign (Pisces), we cancerians are more relaxed when it comes to human limitations: it's not a minus point if you can't give us those emotional "highs" - you can always compensate for it by good sex and food 🙂

    In contrast, Pisceans tend to be much more occultish. They look for hidden meanings in each and every expression of life. Cancerians are psychic too but not to the degree of Piscesians.

    "Also, insight into the cancer need for space periodically.. is that where they are processing something of a deep nature before they come out of their "shell" so to speak again?"

    Could be - but not necessarily. We don't need that space to get away from YOU....it's like we are on a constant path of self-discovery and require moments of privacy to reflect on our life events...or, just to meditate in silence....we can probably do without those moments or even delay them if we already have good company...so, if you succeed in keeping us very busy we won't have the need to go out alone for a very long time..

    but yes, we do need those moments sometimes to relish our own company.....and mind you, cancerians do enjoy their own company a lot....unlike many other signs we aren't scared of being alone.....you can find us drinking alone in a pub..taking lone vacations to a foreign country...some of us even have the tendency to switch off the cellphone and avoid contact with family and friends.....but, not the special loved one...she has a very different significance in our lives....:)

  • @ LeoGrl811

    One of my ex's was a Fire sign "Aries". We split over the fact she always lacerated my feelings with her hurtful words. Although, there was a strong magnetic attraction - I did love many things about her and other Fire signs...the fiery, hot temper and craziness makes for some amazing passion under the sheets.....

    I don't fully agree when you say we can't commit 100%......I think it's always the other way around...let me remind you cancerians generally don't like to break up a relationship...not until it becomes unbearably difficult....it's just that we lack the bluntness to express our unhappiness in a relationship..once committed, we lack the courage to tell a loved one on her face that "we're over".....even then, we're unlikely to cheat on her and would rather suffer in silence...we'll be secretly praying for the day you break it up......we just don't want to hurt your feelings .

  • CancerKing,

    That is helping me to understand more about the cancer soulmate I have been dating for four years a bit further. We have been through that period you mentioned in your intial post that mentioned something about hurt feelings...and taking a while if ever for things to heal. That happened a couple of years back at which he totally went in his shell and I ended up walking away frustrated and just ended up remaining friends.

    Earlier this year, we began dating again. I can tell in his face when he drops his wall so to speak and lets his guard down. Something about this time we are dating seems different, the wall seems to be gone most of the time, and he seems more at ease. Other than the topic around his sick family member he helps care for, he seems much more relaxed at ease, gentle in nature, a lot of the positive qualities you mention.

    A lot of his actions show he cares deeply for me if not loves me...although he has never said the words. He's came to a singing that my daughter was in this year. I feel I am starting to understand why he needs space at time and feel comfortable knowing he will come back. I am starting to get more comfortable with trying to let him know when I also need space as well to process things as we get closer... I don't think he would be the type of person to commit to something like a family if he could not do so 100%.

    I'm kind of nervous as I typically see the lead up either with my empath abilities or though the normal course of events when things get more serious like this and kind more so have a solid feel for what is coming. For whatever reason, I fear there will not really be a lead up to this that I will pick up on and he'll just ask me to marry him. Since we have so many practicle things around family, jobs and school, I guess I am afraid I might stand there dumbfounded as these day to day items may have never been discussed before he pops the question. I've never really until this fall even gotten any gut feelings about marriage. I am truly hoping that my fears in this instance are unfounded and that Cancers typically communicate something like love before something just dropping the question like that...

    Any insight on this circumstance would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hi Greystar,

    First time doing this chat forum thing!, I am a capricorn with leo, sag n aquarius thrown in 2 make things interesting I have a cancerain male friend who i have known for over 20 years,( became friends after i got into shit with the apartheid authorities for using a non white medical practioner- what can i say, capricorns can be soooo stubborn sometimes!! best decision i ever made for my then newborn son) he is always flying off to one country or another for work related stuff, he is always getting himself involved in something new, he never been a talker as such but definitely a doer though, and yes, not when you are expecting it either!

    cancer men i know or do business with, what i have noticed is that those they give their heart or loyalty to they are absolutely loyal to, there rest of the world in alot of cases is pretty much fair game ( here is the catch - them actual deciding to give their heart or loyalty!) - dont ever abuse that sacred trust,n betray him with someone else, money, belongings etc r all replaceable to him if you do no matter what you do, he will smile n say i forgive you, but the when the day comes and he is tempted to stray, he will think about it!

    Those that have betrayed their trust, or hurt the one they love, boy i feel sorry for them, they will exact their pound of flesh,n will wait patiently, like a crab almost always in a way that you would have no idea it was them.

    Cancer men r highly intuitive n intelligent, but dont stay long with a female that does not keep them interested, they get bored easily like gemini men . thats why they r good in bed, they are complex too - thats why they drive us nuts but we love the challenge n you dont get bored cos you r not sure what he is gonna do next!

    Before he pops the question he is going to ask you in a very round about way, whats your view on long term relationships, life partnerships as versus marraige, he may make an off hand joke one day, can you imagine seeing this face in 20yrs time all wrinkled n grey bearded n toothless? n wait n see what your reaction is, n probably when you are sitting at a pta meeting!!!

    Cancer men likes to go out n conquer the world but be sure that when he comes home to the one he loves that she will be waiting for only him, accept him with open arms, no questions asked, clean his battle wounds for him, soothe his bruised ego ( from whoever kicked his ass in the big bad world out there) feed him, love him, spoil him n make him feel like he is the king of his little castle,

    the fact that the two of you have hooked up again should tell you alot, if he didnt trust n respect n love you at some level, he would not open up to you about whats goings on in his personal life and the personal responibilties he has - sick people to take care of etc, maybe its his way of trying to say to but does not know quite how to - these are my personal circumstances right now, i know they are not ideal, i know we have history n the wheels came off the first time, but life was just crap without you, i am crazy about you, but also scared n unsure n need some time figure me out aswell, please have patience with me, i am scared of losing you, n i do love you i just dont know how to get the words out n dont want to mess it up again.

    Does he have a thing about holding yr hand sometimes n looking at you sort of with his head kind of bent n to the side? keep getting this image.

    If you asked him what he finds most striking about you, you may find its not yr ass, etc (that he ....) its the way you move, the grace n energy you have when you are interacting with other people. N the way you show him, by just being you, its really is okay to be him. ( older figure had a biting tongue in younger years, cld have been a teacher even)

    Have you thought about the fact that maybe he is feeling a little guilty about the way he handle things the first time around n is scared of messing it up with you this time, n deliberately taking it slow ( he knows inside how lucky he is, he is getting a 2nd chance!).

    Enjoy each day as it comes, n hope your wishes come true.

  • Caution I have counseled and viewed so many that use astrology and inadvertantly allow their spouces unapproved behavior becuase they view astrology too much in their life and astrology validates their actions as an excuse., oh he is a cancer though and he is a libra so...........no he is human and all men exalt demeanors from all astro profiles..................

  • every one has level of standards concerning their intimacy and communication based of their experienced treatments in life, sacrifices and trials and they way they came out and view themselves and the world, their self worth...the way the treasure thier personal assests.

  • Cap444,

    That is true that astrology is only a part of it. As you have recently seen, I tend to pick up on things to a degree that are unspoken... I can't shake the fact something is different this time around, deeper and may lead to marriage this time around. It's not the idea of marriage that makes me uneasy... It's the fact I have a feeling it will come up suddently is what kind of makes me uneasy for two reasons..one is I'm afraid I may end up hurting his feelings during the shell shock of trying to figure out the practicalities involved to make it happen... and the other is those practicalities....his job and home is 2 1/2 hours away from where I work and live...there would be a decision of change in job and location for one of us and depending on which one possibly my daughters school as well.

    He and I to a degree are equals in most things....He tends not to lean into spirituality as I do but I am ok with that as long as he respects my need for those things. I have tended to have already developed a sense of respect for some of the things that are important to him but not so much for me...

    Long term...there are two things that keep popping up that I feel may have some importance offhand... I need to find a balance in my love relationship so that I do not fear pulling so close to a person that to a degree we lose our degree of individuality....( did that in my marriage to ex husband...somehow we lost that balance along the way...) and fear of a person cheating...The Captain mentioned on a post that I kind of went from not trusting to too trusting i guess you would say in layman terms. The other thing was to find freedom in the relationship and everyday life so that I do not begin to feel trapped or controlled...An astrological reading I did on the website said something about finding freedom through responsibility.... I kind of think these things might be similar.


  • Hi Dragoncap,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. I think you all are helping gain a better insight into my soulmate. My key to understanding him is not just for personal reasons, but somehow my spiritual growth and development of my empath abilties are tied to him. I think part may have to do with the fact Cancers tend to be really moody and as an empath I tend to pick up on all those emotions... The insight into him helps me gain a better perspective as to how to better understand him and allow his emotions to flow through me like ripples in water and not affect my own moods.

    During the course of the relationship, there has been much growth and healing on my part along the way. In many ways, I have grown to hold myself to the same standard and example that I expected in return which is not really a bad thing in this instance... Since I am an empath, it is hard in my own love life to sometimes differentiate between wishful thinking and intuition where things are concerned. What tends to be different in this circumstance..I think more than myself is picking up on it this time..

    I appreciate your assistance. Welcome to the forums, I just started participating in the forums around a month ago.


  • As long as you stay true to you, you will not loose individuality, its when we yeild for others we do. Stay true to you, as long as you hav eliveds a solid part of your life on own and built your empire as you and only doing you, that will not happen, and you attratc like wise:-)

    Problem is astro can validate what we want to hold on to, oh he is a cap ar libra and they "tend " to do that. no not true, inner child is doing it, its not adult and balanced to have moody in your character, no one is predetermine to do anything especially being moody or controling etc.......

  • TOO trusting...........in a relationship if there is any reason to not trust...there is a concern, you trust or do not trust, there is no too trusting in a relationship. When one exlats too trusting then they inadvertantly say thier is cause of deciet and doubts....................what area shall you not be trusting, Trust is trust, what do you feel cant be trusted with?

  • Cap444,

    I tend to be a person that if I don't have freedom to move in a relationship, I tend to feel trapped or controlled....not to great when I feel that my freedom is limited. For some reason, freedom is highly important to me so much so I tend to rebel if I feel that it is threatened in any way. I was even rebellious to this in my younger years. It was very hard for me to settle in a relationship because of this need of freedom like this. I have only had three relationships make it over a year as typically I bolt ( trust issues) or do things that seem to mess it up myself. The trust issues I reference do not pertain so much to the cancer I date so much as they go back to the person I spoke of with Transition. until i found closure last month, i was always afraid when he and I had space he might be seeing other people or fear he would not come back. as these issues were not so much directly from him and his behavior as he has not given me any reason to distrust ....i think it was from my past...it was something i had to work to heal and grown on myself.

    the merging of personalities happened somehow with my exhusband. i could finish his sentences, but at the same time we were missing the space needed to maintain your own sense of individuallity. I think the captain may have seen these things as they are things I work on each time an unfounded fear or sense of doubt arises within myself. I have been recognizing it for what it is an unfounded fear or outdated belief and lettting it go. It has been more difficult for me to open myself and be vunerable since that first relationship. It is true intimacy I seek but also what I fear...fear of getting hurt i guess or let down. when i would try to try to process a new level of intimacy, i am starting to learn to pull away just long enough to process the emotions that come with it so I don't get the urge to bolt over some unrational fear rooted in my past.

    During the course of dating, each unrational or negative outdated pattern of behavior and belief I have had has arisen, had to be addressed, healed in order to move forward hence where all of the growth has came from. The one thing I think pretty pertinent to making things last is these boundaries, and the diviine union you speak of. There is also something else I must understand which is freedom through responsibilty. Somehow I feel this will be overall important in both my life but also my love relationship. It's like I have to understand how to feel freedom through everyday things somehow...

    I think my empath abilities tend to pick up on his emotions as well as many people around me and they affect my own moods to a degree if I am not careful. I think I have to utliize these so that I don't pick up like a magnet all that is around me.. Wow...you really make me think more in depth... I feel blessed that you sought to help me that first day. I feel like with a few poeple on the forums, I have truly gained much clarity and insight as well as I am more accepting of my gifts, am seeking to understand them more fully, and having more faith in them. Thank you soo much.


  • can u help me?

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