Hi Hans

  • tangerine7,

    how have you been? healthy.

    could you tell me if he really did it or not? neither nor.

    if he did, does he even feel guilty about it? no.

    what will be the outcome of this? poverty, material and emotional, it will be getting cold.

    and what role do I play? the vehicle.

    if any? not really.

    But can you tell me more about Synchronicity? If you are sad about spilled milk, you will see it anywhere, but if you are turning around open for new contacts, you will meet loving people.

    The other half is possible only if you are not just reading a book, or chanting a mantra, or looking at a statue; the other half is possible only if you are in deep synchronicity with a living person. I am not calling it love, because that can misguide you; not even friendship, because you will think you know it already. I will call it “synchronicity,” just so you have to think about it and give it a little of your being. When you feel really attentive, synchronicity happens. It may be just a sunset you are watching, or just a flower, or children playing on a lawn and you are enjoying their joyousness…but a certain harmony is needed. If it happens, there is attention. If it happens between a master and a disciple, then certainly you have the most precious diamond possible in your hands.

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