Hi Hans

  • Hi Hans,

    how have you been?

    well, you were right that he and I will not remain as friends. I'm coping well with it (I hope), but unfortunately, he's still someone i see almost daily.

    recently, i was shown some circumstantial evidence that this guy did something that he shouldn't have, for his own benefit. could you tell me if he really did it or not? if he did, does he even feel guilty about it? what will be the outcome of this? and what role do I play? if any?

    it's annoying that I'm being very judgmental. but if he did commit the above act, I'll be very very disappointed.

    And, this is something totally different topic. But can you tell me more about Synchronicity?

    thank you.

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  • tangerine7,

    what do you mean by my role as a "vehicle"? he was your emperor and had functionalized you.

    and can you explain further about "it will be getting cold"? too much decisiveness, too less love.

    Are you really hurt by this? Be honest! The day nobody talks about you, don´t you wait for it?

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  • tangerine7,

    the trouble is, that you have a very childlike heart, very trusting, and you are unaware that for others love is just a routine. Everybody talks about great things and their lives are as ugly as possible.

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