Please look sthis cards and tell me what its..

  • Hello, I try read on myself and my man and don't know what its mean, please look this cards and tell me.. I ask question, what he feel for me and when he will contact to me next time..Pull 3 cards and don't understand..thank you

  • here 3 cards

  • pleasehelp


    could you please identify the cards as it is difficult to tell what each card is

  • Yes,

    1)The Devil Present, 2.) Ace Of Cups Present, 3) Of Swords Sorrow

    some tell me this:

    now this shows by the ace of cups how happy you were in the past the devil is hes planning somthing that will surprise you and this will happen I belive in 15 because the devil card is card 15 of the major arcana and now the 3 of swords shows a saddess through seperation wich means hes misses you my dear and you should be able to or have the oppertunity to be together in about 15 days as he will surprise you at this time and hes planning to for awhile cards show he will still be in contact with you and now the picture

    I just don't see how person see 15 days...maybe it not correct...

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  • I just don't know what to do.. mayve this end and he is not coming back to me and he even not feel anything for me, maybe you can look for me, who know how read a cards? and tell me what will happen to us..

  • Hi,

    No offense to the help above concerning 15 days, but, I do not think this is an accurate read of your cards.

    Unfortunately, I do not see good things here. I am assuming you pulled the cards in this order (correct me if I'm wrong!) : The Ace, three of Swords, the Devil. I am basing what I say on this.

    The Ace of Cups represents you now. This card is all about beauty, pleasure, productivity. It shows the love and beauty you have to offer. A lovely card.

    The three of Swords represents your situation. This card shows disappointment, sorrow, tears and separation. I believe this to mean the end of this relationship has come; I'm sorry to give bad news. I know you need to hear the truth however, as hard as it may be.

    The Devil represents advice to you. This card indicates creation; creative energy in it's most material form. I believe this advice to you is saying, leave this relationship behind and focus on making a new beginning for yourself.

    It is so difficult to move on, I am in the process of doing it myself with regard to a relationship of my own. Give yourself time and don't forget what a beautiful, loving person you are. Believe in yourself and move forward in your life.

    With all this being said, although I have a very strong natural ability, I have no formal training. There are two tools on this site that I use for myself often; it's not so easy to read for yourself!

    Go to the home page and then under tarot drop down to "Tarot Tools." There you can look up any card and see it's meaning.

    Under tarot as well, drop down to "Hands On Spreads." Using this you can physically pull the cards with your own deck (much, much better than using the media to do it) and then input them for a guide to the answer you are seeking.

    I see you use the Crowley deck, I do as well. I definitely advise purchasing "The Book Of Thoth." It was written by Aleister Crowley specifically for his own deck. is a great, cheap website for used books.

    I wish you much luck, biz, Sian

  • thank you for your answer, do you have different cards? can you look on your cards.. what it will show...

  • Hi,

    You're welcome. I have the Crowley deck as well. So, if that is the right order in which you picked your cards, my reading will be the same. Let me know if you picked in a different order though, there could be a difference if you did. Biz, Sian

  • I don't have this cards, it my friend pull cards for me, I have Psychic tarot oracle deck and osho zen tarot, if I try my cards and put here images, can you look for me?

  • so look liks he is not coming back?

  • Definitely not coming back. 3 of swords is the "severance" card. It shows up a lot in desperate scenarios such as divorce, separation, despair and heartbreak. But it is always for the better, the Three of Swords. This is clarified by the presence of The Devil. This person isn't healthy for you. He would only satisfy the primitive, lesser needs of yourself. Eventually, you would feel the corruption of desires as they turn into obsession or entrapment. Use your energy of the Ace of Cups, to better find someone more suitable to you. This is your chance to experience real romance and friendship with a person, and it would be much more fulfilling. The Ace represents the seed that has been planted for you to embark on the journey of love. It has still yet to develop. This means you are not ready for a relationship. Let that seed mature, learn more about who you are what you really want to make you happy. As soon as you've done that, it's only natural that THEN life will hand you a good love interest. The point is, The Devil is trying to interfere now and block you from that experience. Leave, and don't look back. Make the severance, and focus on nurturing your seed.

  • you right, I think he is going divorce with his wife..and even he try back to me later, i think I will have another man in my life.

  • He wont leave his wife. He will keep on cheating on her though. The devil is telling you he is bad for you... just as Daf explained. The 3 of swords explains the love triangle and how you are at the end of it.. meaning if he has to choose between you and his wife he will choose his wife. The ace of cups specially surrounded by the 3 of swords and the Devil shows the love between you was not spiritual or even romantic but in fact lustful, and immature in the sence that it would have never gone anywhere..

    Learn from this. Try to find men who are single and build enough self respect for yourself so you wont want to share someone with another. You are short changing yourself. Love triangles ALWAYS lead to tears even if the "cheater" leaves their parter for you. History repeats itself and then you will become the "wife" and another will fill in the lust he needs..

  • Yeah, I agree with Dangala. Listen to us. He isn't a good person for you, and it will not end happily.

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