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  • Okay so my first love and i have been broken up for a while but then recently got back together... He now has a child and i feel as though i am once again second choice. I know it is inevitable for him to love his child but i am afraid if he may wind up back with his baby mom.. For some reason we no longer talk. We can walk right past each other and not even acknowledge each others presence i want to talk to him but i honestly don't know what to say and don't know where to start. My pride is in the way and we have been through everything over the past 4 years... What do you think i should do?/

  • Follow your Gut Instints maybe it's time to move on. Take some time to figure out what YOU want, why does it have to be about HIM?? Good luck! 🙂

  • Hi,

    It sounds like a really tough situation to be in. It's true, in a sense, you will be second to him. Once you have a child, that child will and should be your first priority. And the mother of his child is now going to be in his life forever. Is this something you can accept or make peace with? In my experience, I have found that even when the dad no longer has a relationship with the mother of his child, he still sees her as special to him in some way. And a tip as far as that goes : any time he is frustrated with her, completely refrain from speaking about her in any negative way, his buddies will take care of that! Just empathize with him during those times.

    It's so hard to know what to do or say when someone you care about won't communicate with you. I think communication has to be in place for any relationship to work. And it has to be both people willing to do that. So, bottom line, my suggestion would be to write him a letter. That way you can get your own thoughts clear and have the benefit of not being thrown off guard, like you can be when talking to someone. Does that make sense? Write it, and then sleep on it. Have a look at it again, maybe you want to edit something. This is the beauty of writing!

    Also, when he sees how much time and effort you have put into it, he should appreciate that. It should be clear to him that you really want to work things out, or work things through this tough time.

    Do you spend time with his child? If so, respect goes a lot further than gifts, etc. Getting to know his child will definitely make an impact on him!

    Best of luck, feel free to write back, I'll check in. Biz, Sian 🙂

  • If your with him for 4 years and still no ring then you need to move on and stop wasting your time.

  • Thank you all for your replies especially "double scorpio" i will definately take what you said into consideration. I will write back and let you know how things turn out.

  • Okay so now here's the thing.. We finally talked to each other and resolved some of our problems.. We even went out to Dave & Busters and had a great time. But now it seems like we are back at square one again. Like all of our time spent together was irrelevant. We say hello to one another but i feel like there is a void and also something missing.. What do you think??

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