Dangala or Watergirl

  • I posted on another thread but wasn't sure if you saw it. 🙂

    I would like a reading if you don't mind. I posted for both of you because I wasn't sure who would want to.

    Mine - 11-13-72 SL

    His - 5-6-82 CS

    Thanks in advance! :-))

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  • Watergirl - Just clarifying..that was my reading? I have been the one putting forth all the effort in this relationship with little in return. Do you have any idea what he is confused about? I'm taking it that the outcome doesn't include him, right? I know you said you weren't sure. I'm just honestly tired of the wishy washy behavior from him. One minute he acts/says we're in a relationship, the next he acts like he's just my friend. Weird.

  • Ok here is my reading Scorp hope you don't mind my straight forwardness.

    He is wasting your time and you will be wise to do what watergirl advises and get out there and start doing your thing, being your awesome self. This guy is a waste of your time . You are giving too much of yourself here, there is no balance.

    Outcome.. He will leave the relationship.

    Take care scorp.

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  • Dangala-thank you for your straightforwardness. Even though it hurts, I've had the gut feeling for a while now.

    Watergirl- thank you for your reading as well. I will take care of myself again. I have no other choice.

  • Scorp just one thing... What he is doing is not a reflection on you. He can't commit to you because he "thinks" he has to follow society. He has a huge hang up with an ancestor also, I feel it's his dad. He has too many issues and this is why this union will end. You can the best GF in the world and be at his becking call, that wont matter because he will still be the same dude.. For this union to work HE needs to change not you.


  • Dangala - I know it's not a reflection on me. He's never had a relationship to last longer than 6 months. I would like to know what his hang up with his dad is though. He sees and talks to his dad every day, I've never heard him talk bad to or about his dad. I've only wanted him to improve not exactly change. I just don't understand how he could tell me he loves me then act like he doesn't. It just doesn't make any sense.

  • Hang up as in, his behavioral issues stem from his father and how his father views relationships between men and women.

    Parents can really mess their kids up when it comes to love. Come adulthood and the kid does what his dad did... same ole pattern repeated over...

    He is too young for you also.. ( Don't take this the wrong way) But he is conventional in his thinking that is what I meant by him doing what society think. He will end up marrying someone 10 years younger because that is the way he thinks. There is no future here and you know this deep down, you just don't want to give in.

    For him to "improve" would mean for him to change, it's the same thing. .. He is fixed in his ways, very stubborn, he wont change.

    With all respect taking on a relationship with a someone his age, who never lasted with anyone longer than 6 months is masochistic behavior on your part.. lol.. I know, I know.." love is love and one can't help who they fall in love with" .. but one can stop the ride and get out before the ride goes off the rails and crashes into the bushes.


  • " I just don't understand how he could tell me he loves me then act like he doesn't. It just doesn't make any sense."

    This is because you let him get away with it. He does what he does because you reward his behavior by doing more for him when he *** up.

    If you were to put your foot down he would have gone long a time ago.

  • And he is the lesson and this is not directed at you just a general opinion. When your partner male or female is not respecting you or is acting the fool, put your foot down, tell then it is NO OK and show then it is not OK.. by taking a passive approach because you are scared to rock the boat will only prolong a bad situation which should have been nipped at the bud years ago.

    What do you get from trying not to rock the boat? Nothing. Just wasting your time on a fool who wont listen or try to pull their weight.

    Peace out.

  • haha I learnt a great lesson involving this. I have learnt it is not ok for them to treat you like crap and do whatever they feel like doing, and you must leave them behind even if it really hurts you and you don't want to let them go.

    It's hard to end it in the situation bc you love them and you don't want to say goodbye, but we must do it for ourselves 😃

  • It just hurts that I gave and we are truly alot alike. He's so friggin jealous and possessive of me and some of the things that he does to me I know he is "testing" my loyalty to him. But I've known for quite some time in my gut that something wasn't right, it's just really hard to accept.

  • My ex was a cancer with scorp moon so you can imagine the mind games and manipulation. I really really loved him and I still do, but if they're not showing you in any way they care and treat you like crap, even if you are really connected to them, it's just not right =(. So we must let them go, bc there's better things waiting for us.

  • I know all too well the mind games and manipulation that you refer to. I, being a Scorpio myself, know about it. Don't get me wrong, he shows that he cares, it's just he's so Taurus, that he wants to do things his way. I did approach him last night about some of these issues. He told me, not saying that I believe, that he sincerely appreciates everything that I do for him and that it's not necessary that I do all those things because he just enjoys spending time with me. It was late and he told me to get some sleep and that we would talk about it today. Whether he was being truthful, time will tell. I can already feel my emotions beginning to ride high because of the New Moon. Curious to see how it effects his emotions since he does have a Scorpio moon. I did tell him that I just don't feel that he's putting forth a sincere effort to be consistent with me, he said he understood and then said we would talk tonight. But like I said, time will tell if he's being honest about that. He just kept saying that he wants to make sure that I'm not mad at him. Why would he care if I was mad at him or not?????

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