Long story posted in Astrology forum. Looking for psychic insight. Please read

  • Just covering all bases, figured I would see what people have to say. I met this Virgo man - so typical, it's not even funny. My father is a Virgo, the last guy I was with was a Virgo, I have many Virgo friends - even had an extremely critical and OCD-ridden Virgo BOSS. Ouch! Anyways, I know how analytical, exacting and critical they can be. Everything has to be "logical". It used to really bother me, being that I'm a sensitive Aquarius that is very much at home in her element - zany and odd, at best. Very absent minded - I definitely appreciate and have a sort-of need for logic as well but I DO follow some odd patterns that can be frustrating to a Virgo whom is so "by-the-book", though I do have a method to my madness. Now, its more like an endearing factor when a Virgo goes off on his "rants" about how my decisions and actions aren't "logical". I tell them, look, Virgo - not everything in life is to be made sense of, that's just not the way life works.

    So this last Virgo was just... awesome. I mean, we were obviously complete opposites, BUT - he had some odd qualities about himself that kinda matched me - like being weird and zany in a sense - he was forgetful as well. The night I met him we just clicked automatically. He begged me to come to his friend's house, I finally said yes and from there - we made out like newlyweds. Had **** with him the second night we hung out, which isn't like me but it just felt right. He took me out the next day and assured me that he didn't want me to think that's all he's after and that taking me to breakfast was his way of proving that. Ever since then, we've been 2 peas in a pod - so I thought. He invited me to Vegas with him, I accepted. We just got back this past weekend. We had a few tiffs during the trip, but nothing that I felt was enough to deter him from me. He did nitpick on me a lot, I just kind of brushed it off and told him to stop being such a Virgo (haha!). He got over the small things (so I thought) and we continued to enjoy ourselves. Overall, coming back from the trip - I had NO idea there was anything remotely wrong.

    Last night he came to me to hang for a little while. I didn't sense anything wrong but after about an hour of talking he said "I need to talk to you". You know what THAT means.... :0(

    He went on to say that I mentioned a few times something about a title during the trip. Which I did, only because he would joke with me about other women and I said "hey, we don't have a title so...." and he would agree. I was trying to be cool about it. I DID say that I wouldn't mind one (at one point), but also went on to say its not my decision to make and I'm fine otherwise. He also said that he didn't feel that he could be faithful in a relationship, that he's not ready to commit. On top of that though, he said that I did a few things that irritated him on the trip and he just felt that we should stop before things got too serious. I didn't flinch, took it in stride and told him I understood. I do, to a point. I just have a feeling that he's being overly critical of small things - it's been less than 2 months, are Virgos really that apt to making such hasty decisions based off of such trivial things? Other than the small things he sweated for a few minutes in classic Virgo "rant mode" fashion, we had a wonderful time! I fell head over heels for him that week... I'm baffled.

    The thing that REALLY gets me though is - he was so incredibly shocked at how well I took it. He said to me, "Wow... you're really being mature about this", and kept apologizing. I kept saying it's ok, I don't understand fully, it was a surprise to me - and I wished he would tell me the things that bothered him in the instance that they could be small things I had the power to change - he told me I shouldn't have to. This is true, but I replied telling him that yes, there are things within my personality that I cannot help but there could be things I could adjust, do it differently, etc. He said he didn't want to get into details, I told him that in the same respect, I won't probe.

    He seemed bothered by his decision though! He kept apologizing, thinking, recalling the steps he took to tell me out of respect, he even seemed teary-eyed - then he went on to discuss great times we had. It was just.... weird. I'm devastated, especially with all the things we shared - we were on a different level on this trip. We had talks about our intimacy - things we expect form relationships - our differences... it seemed like we were really making serious progress along the lines of understanding one another and growing as different people. I guess I was wrong.... but was I??

    This is the question: Is it that this Virgo was being a super Virgo and is being WAY too overly critical of my little quirks... OR - is it that he found that things could really go so fast in progression, being that he actually COULD see us getting serious, and he got overwelmed and scared of commitment? I know that Virgos perform "tests" - this trip was a test. Did I not pass the "test" or DID I and he's looking for flaws just to give him leeway to run for the hills??! I'm SO confused! Please help - this guy is the best I've ever had... so far!

  • P.S. My birthdate is February 13, 1984, 12:41 am. His is August 27, 1980, somewhere in between 1 am and 6 am. Thank you !

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