Dear Kushikamikiba, if you have time, please

  • Dear,

    is it over beetwen me and Taurus?

    I am Sagittarius. We made up, as you have told me, but we have problems again.

    What can I expect in love? Is there any light, generally? Any other guy?

    Thank you.


  • Its time to move on. I believe i told you conflict will return if you get back together and right now there's nothing left in the relationship. Only more pain will be brought if you stay.

  • HI there,

    I've read some of your other posts and you seem very talented.

    I did do some readings on here a while back at I'd love a reading of any kind .

    but have now had to stop due to personal reasons ( one piece of advice,enjoy yourself and don't let yourself get too overwhelmed)

    Anyhow just wondering if you are able to do a reading for me sometime and see what you could pick up for the coming months.

    Many thanks and may the Goddess always light your way.

    Crystal xx

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