Could I please, please have a reading?

  • Thank you Dangala, I knew my instincts were telling me the right thing, they usually always do 😉

    I don't feel comfortable with this guy to be honest. I knew you would be honest with me, & I am again grateful that you confirm this for me 🙂 you are a gem! I actually don't want to get involved with anyone right now or for a while, until I feel I am ready that is. I left my partner for me time & I news to follow my path that I am comfortable with. Thanks again 🙂

  • mainly my lovelife and when I'm likely to meet 'The One' ,moving house, life in general anything you can pick up on and tell me would be fantastic.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

    Do you need my real name, d.o.b or anything,let me know

    love and light always

    Crystal (pagan name)

  • You are welcome Kartyaw 🙂

  • Meankids ..

    I did a reading in regards to love...This is the advice I was given to give to you. This is for the next 12 months ahead. ( when I say next 12 months ahead I don't mean my reading is set in stone, no reading is, it is a guide for you.. if this makes sense then you can go ahead and start changing things now and so the time frame also changes because you are awakened and you are doing something about the stagnant energies around you. )

    There is a need for you to move on and let go of old habits, old ways of thinking, old fears and ghosts. Concentrate on what you want and then believe this will take place because you are worth it. Try not to think about your fears. Leave you fears out of your mind. Only think about what you want in your life. Be patient and don't force or rush things. Your thinking needs to shift to a more positive angle.. You need to learn/understand that you can manifest greater thing in your life than what you believe you can. Increase your standards.

    Even though you give so much of yourself to people it will be good for you to also learn to receive from people and feel good about it. There is something around you or in you that believes you don't deserve good things. 🙂

  • Hi Dangala,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do me a reading and I am so sorry it has taken me so long to reply back to you.

    Things have been crazy around here and alot of changes are beginning to take place, although you are correct I do have some fears mainly concerning my children.

    I also have a tendency to try and please others rather than thinking of myself,so I guess I need to work on being a little more assertive and letting go of certain things in my past.

    Although you did a reading mainly based on love and I would like to of course still find that special someone,I now feel my priorities have changed and now have the opportunity to secure work incareer I would like to be in,but as yet not in the area local to me.

    Do you see anything on this at all for me.

    Thank you so much for this reading,it means alot to me and makes alot of sense.

    Brightest blessings to you and may the Goddess always light your path.


  • Hi again Dangala,

    I have been thinking over & over about your last readings about my employment prospects, and I have no idea where to start or what I want to do. Could you please give me some more of your wonderful helpful insight.

    Is this something I should be focused on now? You said you saw me in something that I would enjoy and that I would be happy in my job. Could you please give me direction as to where or what I could possibly be in, or doing?

    Or should I be more focused on finding meditation classes first and the job aspect part of life will come later?

    I need to improve my finances dramatically and am stuck as what to do.

    And I am snot sure what to do with my ex.

    He is currently in prison he gets out in March 2011 and I don't think he has any other option but to live with me (his family are in a different state) once he gets out and sorts out what he wants to do or where he's going to live, but I feel that this may not be a good idea. I worry it may be tense and uncomfortable and I don't think think it will be good for us or the children especially. Or am I too far ahead right now?

    Thank you again Dangala

    I appreciate your time & help once again 🙂

    Thank u!

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  • I feel you need to do some inner work before you start looking at possibilities. This can be achieved from Meditation to self help books, etc... I don't think you have any idea what you want to do or what you are good at. This is because you have not arrived at the place were you feel you can give yourself all you need in life. Once you start to work on yourself a light bulb will go on..and you will just know.

    As for your ex... If you feel it is not a good idea then don't do it. Follow your instinct on this. You need to take care of yourself and your kids first and foremost.

    This is the problem I see here...If he comes to stay with you, there is a chance that you two will rekindle what you both had.. this will only lead to a repetition of the past.. you know him best, You know what kind of person he is. .. you know deep down if he will be a burden or an asset to your life. IF you feel he will hinder you and your environment than don't do it. He will have to move in with his friends or family until he gets his life together. Your priority is yourself and your kids. He is an adult let him find his own way, he is also an EX for a reason. Keep that in mind.

  • "am I too far ahead right now?"

    No. A good mother always thinks ahead.

  • Sometimes u have to pull yourself up by the boot straps so to speak but I see a move happening and this will cause a change and a new fresh outlook. Change of scenery, a sort of starting over an new life.

  • Hello again,

    well so many things have been happening in my life right now,looks like my love life needs to take a back seat right now.

    The job centre are presurising me to quit my course to gain the qualifications needed for a job I love (teaching)I'm currently volunteering in a school and am told by many would be employers I have the experience,but need that bit of paper

    I'm just wondering if any of you lovely people can see anything coming up for me job wise please ( really want to stay working with children be they able bodied,disabled or special needs in any way)

    If any one could find the time to do a reading it would be much appreciated.

    thank you and blessed be


    d.o.b = 23/11/77 if needed

  • Thank you Dangala,

    I always look forward to and respect you replies.

    I have looked into meditation courses and there's is one that I am very interested in but unfortuneatley it doesn't start until February 2011. But this is the one that I feel will be most beneficial to me so for the meantime I will have to wait. Plus it is only a few streets away from where I live.

    sometimes I wonder why I ask some of the problems I have because I already do know the answer, I guess confirmation and reassurance is what I seek. It's comforting to know that I have that little bit of help if I ever need it 🙂

    Thank you again Dangala for your always ever helpful insight.


  • All the best 🙂

  • just stopping by to wish everyone a happy yule

    blessed be crystal

  • Honeykat47130,

    I was just going through all the posts in my reading request topic and never saw your post until today, I just wanted to tell you that you were spot on, I moved house a few weeks before Christmas. Thankyou for you input. I'm not sure if you'll ever read this but Thank you anyway

    Love & Happiness


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