What is in my cancers mind!!!!!

  • Hi,I am a leo in love with a cancer guy...Its been 3yrs now &one of the most difficult &challenging relationships ever...if you can call it that...We have a long distant relationship well had it is more like it...living in separate time zones &continents...but initially it didnt matter....he would call me a lot..I fell head over heels..the funny thing is he used tell me that he loves me,he even came to visit me 2wice during the 1st year...but I wanted him to commit.It was then that he started acting strange...I felt he was distant..he used to hurt me with his words telling me that he never wanted to be in a relationship at the moment..whereas he used to tell his friends that I was the person for him.It confused me,made me difficult to decide whether to let him be as I was hopelessly in love with him.Then I discovered that he had been sleeping with a girl for quite sometime there..it was painful for me &i decided to part ways.I wasnt in touch with him for a year & a half& during this time he literally bombarded my email account with apologies for everything,declaring his love for me..but he was there with that girl...I got in touch with him a year &half later the first question he asked was if there was any chance for us..well as hurt as I was i declined...He said that he wanted to be in touch...&he always initiated contact...telling me that If I met his family things would have been different...that he was missing me..when I asked him whether he loved me or not he replied that he was in a relationship...all this hot & cold attitude is really unnerving for me...severing all contact has been really difficult...he said that he cared a lot for me but he cudnt be with me as he was in a relationship...I put my foot down this time & said that I would not play the 2nd fiddle to anyone anymore &would like to be the one in his life..he said it wasnt possible...&said that he knew how much I loved him..&that he had nt received so much love from any 1 till now....its been three days..I miss him...I love him still but cant figure him out....I would like to be the person caring & loving him...please help me...I cant read him......its like he cant make up his mind...Is sex so important for a guy???

  • Oh darling what are you doing!? Let him go!!! for your own sanity and dignity let this dud go. He doesn't deserve you. You are both so different, like chalk and cheese and this will never change. You are emotionally evolved he is not and will never get to that stage unless he does some drastic changes, which I can't see happening because he will always have women and get his way so why should he change..

  • "I would like to be the person caring & loving him"

    It goes both ways he should want to do this for you also.

  • hi,thanks dangala...yes I hav made up mind....he doesnt deserve me....I called it off a few days ago.....& I dont think I will ever take him back even if he comes crawling & begging..........are cancerians always like this??

  • For the most part even though I don't like to generalize, Cancerian men hate to hurt their partners. Even if they are no longer in love with them. Why? Because they don't want to be hated or disliked, this is why they confuse the Krap out of their exes.

    You know I have never seen so much backlash against Cancerian men until I came to this place. LOL... The sign that gets the most backlash in my reading experience has been the star sign Scorpio, mainly Scorpion men! so I was quite surprised to find Cancer males being the dominant dud in Tarot.com.

  • hi I had decided to move out a long time ago..the funniest thing was when I was in touch with him he never labelled us as being in a relationship..but the moment I was out of the picture he went on to declare me as his 1st relationship...which baffled me!!!He begged me to reconsider..the way he speaks to me is very different...he always texts,rings me up if i dont reply...tells me that I am everything that he could possibly ask for &his family would always approve of me rather than the girl he is with....then he cant answer why is he with her!!!He has never mentioned that he is in love with her....do you have any insights into this behaviour???Is it typical??

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